Dev diary: January 15th 2013

Hi! Here’s the state of our current projects:

  • White Noise update approval progress is at 92%, meaning it’s almost ready for release!
  • Avatar Farm Online update approval progress is stalled at 0%, so it might take a while until it’s available :\
  • We have continued our work on White Noise Online.
    • From a code point of view, we’ve put together some basic networking code ( creating and joining games, and sending player position ), but there’s much work and tests to be done yet.
    • We’ve been working on some landmarks for the new scenario, trying to mantain the level of tension and weirdness of the first location.
    • We’ve also started work on the player characters (There will be 4 characters, 2 males and 2 females). I won’t make any comments of the design decisions of the characters, that’s for a future post :). But here is a preview of one of the male characters.


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Dev diary: January 10th 2013

Well, I’m a bit sick right now so pardon me if I get right to the point today :).

After having submitted the updates for Avatar Farm Online and White Noise, we’ve started development on our next project: White Noise Online.

We’ve received many requests to develop a multiplayer mode for White Noise, so we’re going to do it (or die trying :P).

After just 1 day, there’s not much to show yet, so I’ll just post some details on our approach to this online mode:

  • We have in mind a coop mode for up to 4 players.
  • There will be at least 4 selectable characters, much like Left 4 Dead.
  • The main goal will be still probably to pick up 8 items, but we may add new kind of items (not just tape recorders), so only specific players can pick them up. We’re not sure about this, since it introduces some issues (what happens if a player dies?).
  • A dead player will still be able to walk around as a Lost Soul and explore a bit ahead the players.
  • We’re thinking of adding new features to the maps (traps, batteries, decoys…), but we have yet to think about it.
  • The game will have 2 maps: A larger version of the one found in the original White Noise, and a brand new one.
  • The game will be still playable on single player, of course.

If you have any thought of suggestion for this new project, please tell us :).

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Dev diary: January 8th 2013

So, what have we been working on these days?

We’ve been working on the next Avatar Farm Online Update as usual, and finished/tested most new features. These are the ones that we included these days:

  • New building: Winery , allows you to sell grapes.
  • Fixed an issue when showing a level 100 farm full of items on the world camera (too many objects were drawn at the same time and the game crashed!)
  • Finished the Pets feature: We have a total of 4 cats and 4 dogs available to select from. If this feature is popular, we’ll add new pets on next updates.

We’ve also spent lots of time looking for the root of the freezes some people have been experiencing on both White Noise and Avatar Farm Online, both related with online features. Sadly, we couldn’t pinpoint the cause (we’ve never managed to reproduce these hangs on our development systems), but we’ve added new measures that I hope will fix or at least avoid a total freeze of the console.

Tomorrow we’ll probably submit the update for Avatar Farm Online, and finish work on the White Noise one.

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White Noise 1.1 update released!

White Noise 1st update has been released. You will be asked to download the new version next time you start the game.

It features the following changes:

  • Fixed minor gravity issues
  • Added unlockable night vision mode (unlocked after getting 12 tapes). With night vision, you have a greater field of view and more clarity, but a reduced view distance, and movement impairs visibility quite a lot.
  • Reduced monster speed on the first tapes, so it doesn’t catch the player from behind that easily.

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WaaghMan December 24th, 2012 News 12 Comments

White Noise: A tale of Horror available now!

Our latest game, White Noise: A tale of Horror has been released and it’s available for download on the Xbox Marketplace.

A pure horror experience in your Xbox! Find the 8 hidden clues in an unsettling forest, and avoid being hunted by a supernatural being lurking in the shadows. Will you manage to uncover the truth about the mysterious events?

You can get it from here:

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