Dev diary: January 10th 2013

Well, I’m a bit sick right now so pardon me if I get right to the point today :).

After having submitted the updates for Avatar Farm Online and White Noise, we’ve started development on our next project: White Noise Online.

We’ve received many requests to develop a multiplayer mode for White Noise, so we’re going to do it (or die trying :P).

After just 1 day, there’s not much to show yet, so I’ll just post some details on our approach to this online mode:

  • We have in mind a coop mode for up to 4 players.
  • There will be at least 4 selectable characters, much like Left 4 Dead.
  • The main goal will be still probably to pick up 8 items, but we may add new kind of items (not just tape recorders), so only specific players can pick them up. We’re not sure about this, since it introduces some issues (what happens if a player dies?).
  • A dead player will still be able to walk around as a Lost Soul and explore a bit ahead the players.
  • We’re thinking of adding new features to the maps (traps, batteries, decoys…), but we have yet to think about it.
  • The game will have 2 maps: A larger version of the one found in the original White Noise, and a brand new one.
  • The game will be still playable on single player, of course.

If you have any thought of suggestion for this new project, please tell us :).

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  • Hayden Allred says:

    You should do a developer diary on how you do your networking for your games! Smoothing, prediction, ect. You’re games are remarkable! 🙂

  • Quadley says:

    sounds like a waste of effort.

  • WaaghMan says:

    Why do you think that? :\

  • Leonides says:

    Please you guys made an amazing game please make a 4 player co op I ha an idea if ur teammate dies there lost soul should appear to the fellow survivor to the tapes and u guys should have a mansion near the wood areas because going in there would make things interesting and really scary to go into hope this idea helps you guys please continue adding thank you

  • Leonides says:

    Also can you guys add a canine to help during the survivors guide? Thank you appreiciate it

  • Trevor says:

    hey u should make it to where u can turn on special mode in mp and have it to where on person has night v and somebody a lithium batteries and they should have a hunter mode where on person in the white noise and they should a PISTOL and SHOTGUN special modes that would be fun but with both mode u keep you flashlight