Oferta de trabajo Modelador/Animador de personajes 3D


En Milkstone Studios buscamos a un modelador/animador 3D para apoyar en las tareas de desarrollo de nuestros futuros proyectos.

Como parte del equipo, principalmente tomarás parte en todo el proceso de creación de personajes (diseño, modelado, texturizado, riggeado y animación)

Buscamos a alguien con experiencia en animación, que nos pueda ayudar a acelerar el desarrollo y mejorar la calidad final de nuestros proyectos.


* Calidad del portfolio
* Experiencia previa demostrable en modelado y animación de personajes 3D
* Desplazamiento a nuestra oficina en Oviedo (tras unos meses de prueba se puede optar a teletrabajo)

Se valorará:

* Pasión por los videojuegos
* Experiencia en la exportación de assets para videojuegos
* Buen nivel de Inglés (Lectura/Escritura)
* Experiencia con trabajo en equipo


* Participación en una de las empresas de videojuegos independientes más exitosas de España.
* Contrato indefinido tras periodo de prueba
* Salario bruto aproximado: 19.000€, con incentivos según rendimiento de la empresa
* Libertad de horarios
* Participación en la toma de decisiones de los proyectos.
* Ambiente de trabajo relajado: Sin clientes, sin fechas de entrega fijas, sin crunch.
* Posibilidad de teletrabajo tras el periodo de prueba.

Interesados enviar CV y portfolio a jobs@milkstonestudios.com indicando “Modelador/Animador 3D” en el asunto

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Ziggurat 2 – Available on Early Access now!

Ziggurat 2, the long awaited sequel to the successful roguelike FPS dungeon crawler, is now available on Steam Early Access

Ziggurat 2 has been redesigned from the ground up with the goal of improving over the original in all areas, and offer an even smoother and faster experience, with quicker, more intense sessions, and more interactive and fulfilling progression.


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Farm Together now available on PS4, Switch, Xbox One and Steam!

Enjoy a chill farming experience on the platform of your choice!

– PS4 Europe/Austraila Region: https://store.playstation.com/…/EP0856-CUSA13483_00-FARMTOG…
– PS4 US Region: https://store.playstation.com/…/UP0903-CUSA13492_00-FARMTOG…
– Switch: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/farm-together-switch
– Xbox One: https://microsoft.com/en-us/p/farm-together/9mxsdjxfzq25
– Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/673950/Farm_Together/

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Farm Together now available for Preorder on Xbox One!

Hi! Here are the big news we announced! Farm Together is now available for Preorder on Xbox One. It will be released on Friday 18th.

Grow your own farm all by yourself, or cooperate with your friends in this unique, relaxing farming experience!

Just to answer the question in advance: No, the game does not feature cross-platform multiplayer between Xbox One and PC. That would need a server infrastructure we just don’t have.

More details on the Microsoft Store: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/farm-together/9mxsdjxfzq25

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Farm Together available now on Steam!

Farm Together has finished its Early Access process and is available now on Steam!

It’s been an incredible experience to watch so many people enjoying the game and being so creative for the 7 months the game has been in Early Access! We sincerely hope you keep enjoying the game for a long time.

We want to thank our backers for the support and feedback offered through the whole process so, as compensation for the effort you’ve done (and endured our mistakes in some cases), we’ll gift you with a Supporters Pack DLC for free, including exclusive clothing, hairstyles and a new tractor.

Also wanted to add: Don’t you worry! We’ve got plenty of content planned for the future (starting with a Halloween event that will start next week), and plan to keep working on the game as long as there’s a demand for it, so please pass by the Steam Forums, the Official subreddit, or the Official Discord group and leave your comments!

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White Noise 2 Xbox One now available for Pre-Order

White Noise 2, the highly praised assymmetric 4vs1 horror game, is available now for Pre-Order on Xbox One. It will be released on September 1st.

Game trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDC7YWVDn4k

The game features true cooperative gameplay in a horror setting, where a group of investigators needs to find clues and solve a mystery while the creature lurks in the dark and hunts unaware investigators using its powers.

Cooperation is key, as a lone investigator is an easy prey for the creature, and it will be easier to explore the area if the group sticks together. Easier said than done though, since the dark environment and labyrinthine scenarios will put investigators’ orientation senses to the test, and getting lost means death!

The creature will need to find the investigators, following their trails and setting traps to lure them in, while avoiding being spotted as its weakness to light makes it vulnerable once spotted.

The game features all improvements and new content that the Steam version, already available, has been getting over the past months, with 55 updates since its Early Access release.

Currently the game features 7 playable areas, over 10 investigators with different perks and playing style, and 4 creatures with different playstyles and powers. 2 pieces of DLC will also be available on release, featuring the Supporters Pack (A new flashlight plus a new Idol for the creature) andAstaroth, the Duke of Hell (a playable creature with new powers). Both will be priced at $1,99 each.

More details on the Xbox One store: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/white-noise-2/c1m82w6kl7cb

Press kit: http://www.milkstonestudios.com/press-kit


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White Noise 2 Early Access available now!


We’re proud to announce the Early Access release of White Noise 2!

White Noise 2 is our latest game, a sequel of White Noise Online, featuring asymmetric 4vs1 online multiplayer. Be a part of the investigator team, or take control of the creature and devour them! White Noise 2 offers a horror experience that won’t left anyone unmoved.


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White Noise 2: Asymmetric 4vs1 horror coming on October 27th

White Noise 2 is the latest game from Milkstone Studios. It will be released on Steam Early Access on October 27th, just in time to enjoy a terrorific Halloween night with your friends!

Its price during the Early Access period will be of $8 / 8€

Steam store link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/503350

Enjoy a fresh horror experience with White Noise 2!

White Noise 2 is the sequel of the successful White Noise Online that over 500,000 people have enjoyed. Be a part of the investigator team, or take control of the creature and devour them! White Noise 2 offers a 4vs1 asymmetric horror experience that won’t left anyone unmoved.

Play with your friends!

White Noise 2 features a simple matchmaking system that allows you to play with your friends without complications. Enter the game, choose your side or leave it to luck, and start playing!

The investigators are back

As an investigator, explore the area, cooperate with your partners, and make sure not to get lost, or you’ll be easy prey for the creature! Try not to lose your sanity and watch your flashlight battery level to avoid walking blind.

And so is the creature!

As the creature, stalk your preys and hunt them without being seen. Light can stun you, so use your powers to avoid it and wreak havoc upon the investigators, spreading them to make easier preys. Summon totems that will warn you of the presence of nearby investigators, and prevent them from picking the 8 tapes before you finish them off!

Back from the grave

In White Noise 2, death doesn’t mean game over. Rise as a ghost and take advantage of your enhanced exploration skills to help the remaining investigators in their search.

Unlock new items

Unlock new characters and flashlights as you play, including the classic White Noise Online characters. Each one has different specializations and skills. Do you prefer a stealhty approach, or will focus on speed even while making noise? Better flashlight battery, or improved exploration skills?

Relive the best moments

Of course, the signature replay screen is back in White Noise 2. Once the thrilling session is over, take a laugh checking how the team walked in circles, or one of the investigators got lost!

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Ziggurat, the roguelike FPS shooter, available now on Wii U America!

We’re proud to announce that Ziggurat is releasing today on the American region of the Wii U eShop!

Ziggurat is available on Wii U, Xbox One, PS4, Steam and GOG for $14.99/14.99€

Store links


Dungeon-Crawling First Person Shooting at its finest! Fast-paced combat! Dozens of perks, spells and enemies! Level ups! Random Dungeons! Traps! Badass bosses! Carrots! Ziggurat is the best combination of First Person Shooter and Rogue-LITE you have ever seen.

Become a neophyte sorcerer, and get ready for your rite of passage: Enter the labyrinth and face dangerous challenges to prove your worth and become a powerful wizard!

The game focuses on fast-paced first person shooting, with an old-school vibe, and updated handling and game mechanics. Dungeon crawling and RPG/Roguelike elements are added into the mix, resulting in a fun, challenging and varied game, with lots of content to discover.

Fight almighty bosses, get through rooms filled with traps, and treasures that may help you in your journey… Each game is a whole new experience!

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Pharaonic now available on Xbox One!

Splash Screen 1920x1080

We’re proud to announce that Pharaonic is releasing today on Xbox One!

Pharaonic is available on Xbox One, PS4 and Steam for $16/16€

Store links

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