Dev diary: January 8th 2013

So, what have we been working on these days?

We’ve been working on the next Avatar Farm Online Update as usual, and finished/tested most new features. These are the ones that we included these days:

  • New building: Winery , allows you to sell grapes.
  • Fixed an issue when showing a level 100 farm full of items on the world camera (too many objects were drawn at the same time and the game crashed!)
  • Finished the Pets feature: We have a total of 4 cats and 4 dogs available to select from. If this feature is popular, we’ll add new pets on next updates.

We’ve also spent lots of time looking for the root of the freezes some people have been experiencing on both White Noise and Avatar Farm Online, both related with online features. Sadly, we couldn’t pinpoint the cause (we’ve never managed to reproduce these hangs on our development systems), but we’ve added new measures that I hope will fix or at least avoid a total freeze of the console.

Tomorrow we’ll probably submit the update for Avatar Farm Online, and finish work on the White Noise one.

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