Dev diary: January 15th 2013

Hi! Here’s the state of our current projects:

  • White Noise update approval progress is at 92%, meaning it’s almost ready for release!
  • Avatar Farm Online update approval progress is stalled at 0%, so it might take a while until it’s available :\
  • We have continued our work on White Noise Online.
    • From a code point of view, we’ve put together some basic networking code ( creating and joining games, and sending player position ), but there’s much work and tests to be done yet.
    • We’ve been working on some landmarks for the new scenario, trying to mantain the level of tension and weirdness of the first location.
    • We’ve also started work on the player characters (There will be 4 characters, 2 males and 2 females). I won’t make any comments of the design decisions of the characters, that’s for a future post :). But here is a preview of one of the male characters.


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