MotorHEAT Contest Winners

It’s been a long wait, but finally the contest has come to an end and we have our winners chosen. If you’re one of the lucky winners, you’ll have to reply to the message we sent to you during the next week, or we’ll choose another winner.

Best score (1600MP Card)

  • Tokyo Cheese (Level 42)

The Last Little Racers code

  • NECOLO55 (Level 23)

Wool codes

  • DeGrimmis (Level 10)
  • SovietSniper32 (Level 13)
  • MAS Flawless1 (Level 11)
  • WrestlingFan5 (Level 32)

MotorHEAT codes

  • soso g (Level 7)
  • darthmick13 (Level 22)

1600 MP Cards

  • video gal (Level 10)
  • My Wife Said So (Level 11)
  • Territjjb (Level 27)
  • Meritaron (Level 20)
  • RAAAAAAAAAAH (Level 14)
  • RAGERIPPER (Level 18)
  • losmatzos (Level 10)
  • BMWSebastian (Level 5)
  • SHOUCHOUJI (Level 19)
  • JB BMW1989 (Level 16)
  • MarCos PoLoTos (Level 13)
  • RaKKa vandal (Level 29)
  • xxDANNYBOY141 (Level 11)
  • Arcturus 3009 (Level 24)
  • Mr Nye Sky (Level 10)
  • DrLickit701 (Level 12)
  • soulcollecter0 (Level 23)
  • Lunin (Level 8 )
  • REGGY468 (Level 18)

Thanks to everyone who took part!

Sadly for us, the contest didn’t have much effect on the game’s awareness, so we won’t be doing a similar thing anytime soon.

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WaaghMan April 2nd, 2010 News 13 Comments

MotorHEAT Score contest details and rules

Now that the P2P Scoreboard is working flawlessly, we’re starting the contest we promised some time ago. We’ve decided to try an idea we had some time ago, if it ends successfully we’ll probably repeat it in the future.


Since we don’t have much to offer from start, we’re doing the following: Almost all of our winnings during the period the contest is on will be given back as prizes, mostly in the form of MS Points cards. So, the more people taking part in the contest, the more chances you’ll win something.

*UPDATED* The current prizes are:

  • THE LAST Free Little Racers redeem token (we’ve almost ran out of codes), valued in 240MP.
  • 4 x Free Wool Redeem tokens, valued in 240MP each one.
  • 2 x Free MotorHEAT tokens for your friends, valued in 240MP each one.
  • 19 x 1600 US Microsoft Points card, valued in 1600 MP each one 😉

As we said, we’ll add extra MP cards each day, depending on the number of sales (we’ll make them public).


The contest starts NOW, at the same time the patch comes out, and will have a length of 15 days, so it will end on April 1st.

How to take part

There are only two things needed for you to take part in the contest:

  • You need to appear in our World Rankings chart. We’ll update the ranking daily on a spreadsheet and make it public, so you can know if you’re appearing and the score we have registered.
  • You need to have an active Gold LIVE Subscription. This is necessary to ensure you’re not creating Silver profiles just to increase your chances of winning something.

We’ll set up a server running almost 24hrs a day, so you shouldn’t have any problems to get your score synchronized to our list. Anyway, if you can’t synchronize your score, feel free to send us a picture with the ingame highscore table and we’ll add it manually.

How are winners chosen

We want everyone to have a chance of winning something, but also to reward players who have invested more time playing the game, so we’ve come up with the following rules:

  • You get as participations as the level you’ve gotten to in your best score. For instance, if you made it to level 23, you’ll have 23 times more chances of winning something than somebody that didn’t pass Level 1.
  • You’ll get additional chances if you tweet (+5) or make a blog post (+10) about the contest. Please let us know if you’re doing it.
  • The winners will be selected once the contest is over, we don’t have the exact date yet. They will receive a message via the LIVE messaging system, to confirm their identity. Once they reply, we’ll send them the code for the item they’ve won.
  • If they don’t reply in a week, another winner will be chosen.
  • The player with the top score will get a 1600 MP Card directly.
  • One prize per winner at max.
  • Milkstone members (WaaghMan/Soy1Bonus) won’t be eligible for any prize.

Good luck!

The contest starts NOW, so feel free to download the game (or the update) and start racking up your score!

The spreadsheet with the current scores is available on Google Docs

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WaaghMan March 17th, 2010 News 8 Comments

Win a copy of Wool by participating on SFX-360 Game Night

The folks at SFX-360 are hosting tomorrow their first Game Night of 2010, featuring the game Left 4 Dead 2.

Just by participating, you can win some prizes, one of theem being a copy of our game Wool!

More details can be found on the official post:

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WaaghMan January 2nd, 2010 News Comments Off on Win a copy of Wool by participating on SFX-360 Game Night

Wool has been updated, contest soon

An update for Wool has been made available. The two main features of this update:

  • P2P High scores (They will be only available if you have a Gold profile and the full version of Wool).
  • Now you don’t have to go back to the stage select screen after completing a level

Due to the P2P high scores feature, your previous high scores will be deleted (but not your progress).

Thanks to the P2P High scores, we can now hold a contest and give prizes. We’ll do it soon, meanwhile you can start training and pushing your scores, as they will be valid once the contest begins.

Remember that P2P scores can only be updated if you play the game at the same time that other people, so don’t worry if you can’t see other people scores yet, we’ll setup a server once the contest begins.

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WaaghMan December 27th, 2009 News 3 Comments

Little Racers Twitter giveaway contest winners announced

Our Twitter giveaway contest has finished with more reception than expected. We’re glad to announce the nicks of the 15 winners, one of each will get a free redeem code for the full Little Racers game:

Congratulations to the 15 winners! Each one should have received their code on a direct message via Twitter. The codes will have a validity of three months, if they haven’t been used by then it we’ll consider them as available for future promotions.

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WaaghMan August 10th, 2009 News 1 Comment

Little Racers reachs 2,000 sales! We’re giving away 15 free copies to celebrate!

Little Racers has just reached 2,000 sales on Xbox Live Indie Games! To celebrate it, we’re giving away 15 free codes of the game.

If you’re interested in receiving one of these free codes, all you have to do is retweet our message on Twitter. On August 10th, we’ll pick the winners at random. Codes will be sent via direct message on Twitter.

Meanwhile, you can try the game on your Xbox 360 and have some fun playing the demo version!


WaaghMan August 1st, 2009 News 6 Comments