Little Racers Twitter giveaway contest winners announced

Our Twitter giveaway contest has finished with more reception than expected. We’re glad to announce the nicks of the 15 winners, one of each will get a free redeem code for the full Little Racers game:

Congratulations to the 15 winners! Each one should have received their code on a direct message via Twitter. The codes will have a validity of three months, if they haven’t been used by then it we’ll consider them as available for future promotions.

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WaaghMan August 10th, 2009 News 1 Comment

Little Racers Twitter promotion game


As you probably already know, today the latest update of Little Racers (v1.3) has been released.

Although we would be more than happy to continue working on the game, making more upgrades and adding new features, our time is limited and currently the game is not getting enough sales to justify the resources that would take to improve it. So, if everything continues like this, v1.3 will be the last update of Little Racers.

We’re doing our best, trying to market the game in every way possible, but our resources are very limited and can’t invest money on advertising, specially for such a limited market as Xbox Live Community Games is.

The plan

We’ve come up with an idea that could work, but we need some help from our fellow readers and Little Racers fans. To make it simple: You help us promote Little Racers, and we’ll add new content and updates to the game. Don’t be afraid, there’s no money involved in this. All you need to play this promotion game is a Twitter account.

Below you’ll find some of the features that some users have asked for, and some others that we have thought of. Every feature has a cost assigned: That’s the number of tweets needed for the update to be enqueued into our development plan.

The rules

If you’re interested in one (or more) of the items, all you have to do is to post a Tweet with the tags #xblcg , #littleracers , and the update you’re interested in. For example, if you’re interested in the “More tracks” item, you could post a Tweet with the text “I’ve played Little Racers and want more tracks! #xblcg #littleracers #moretracks”.

We’ll check Twitter every day for tweets with the #littleracers tag, and update the item count with the new data. Twitter accounts with less than 10 followers will count only as 0.25 points, and those with no followers will not count. This is to avoid creation of empty Twitter accounts.

It is possible to vote for more than one item if you’re interested, at least until we get some feedback on this contest. Of course, the best way to achieve the required number of tweets is by telling your friends about the game so they retweet your vote.

The available items

  • Additional cars. 35 Tweets per car. #morecars
  • Tweak: Reduce wall bouncing efectiveness: 35 Tweets. #removewallbouncing
  • Additional tracks. 2/50 Tweets per track. #moretracks
  • Dynamic camera that follows the player with a higher level of zoom (only for single player matches). 100 Tweets. #improvedcamera
  • Ability to set favorite tracks so that they appear more often.100 Tweets. #favoritetracks
  • Additional in-game sounds (Different engine and crash sounds). 100 Tweets. #moresounds
  • Improve online multiplayer experience (post-race screen): 125 Tweets. #onlinemultiplayer
  • Graphical improvements (Bloom, smoke distortion, etc.). 150 Tweets. #bloom
  • Weather effects: Rain, Night, Wind, Snow… 150 Tweets. #weathereffects
  • Improve game menus (font readability, improve usability of some sections, etc.). 175 Tweets. #improvemenu
  • Background game finder to look for online opponents while playing single player. 1/250 Tweets. #backgroundfinder
  • Online lap records. 200 Tweets. #onlinerecords
  • Challenge mode, with missions like “Beat this lap time”, “Win this race”, “Win and don’t crash”, etc. 250 Tweets. #challengemode
  • Drop game price to 200MP: 2/500 Tweets. #dropprice
  • Track editor: 1/750 Tweets. #trackeditor
  • Single player career mode: 1000 Tweets. #careermode

Please take in mind that, even if the item gets enough tweets, it won’t be done right away, it will take some time to develop etc. Also, the required number of tweets could change over time, depending on the impact of this promotion on sales.

Of course, if you have any kind of feedback or idea about this promotion attempt, or some additional items that we could add to the list, we’re more than eager to listen to it.

Thanks for your time,
The Milkstone Studios Team


WaaghMan July 7th, 2009 News 6 Comments