MotorHEAT Contest Winners

It’s been a long wait, but finally the contest has come to an end and we have our winners chosen. If you’re one of the lucky winners, you’ll have to reply to the message we sent to you during the next week, or we’ll choose another winner.

Best score (1600MP Card)

  • Tokyo Cheese (Level 42)

The Last Little Racers code

  • NECOLO55 (Level 23)

Wool codes

  • DeGrimmis (Level 10)
  • SovietSniper32 (Level 13)
  • MAS Flawless1 (Level 11)
  • WrestlingFan5 (Level 32)

MotorHEAT codes

  • soso g (Level 7)
  • darthmick13 (Level 22)

1600 MP Cards

  • video gal (Level 10)
  • My Wife Said So (Level 11)
  • Territjjb (Level 27)
  • Meritaron (Level 20)
  • RAAAAAAAAAAH (Level 14)
  • RAGERIPPER (Level 18)
  • losmatzos (Level 10)
  • BMWSebastian (Level 5)
  • SHOUCHOUJI (Level 19)
  • JB BMW1989 (Level 16)
  • MarCos PoLoTos (Level 13)
  • RaKKa vandal (Level 29)
  • xxDANNYBOY141 (Level 11)
  • Arcturus 3009 (Level 24)
  • Mr Nye Sky (Level 10)
  • DrLickit701 (Level 12)
  • soulcollecter0 (Level 23)
  • Lunin (Level 8 )
  • REGGY468 (Level 18)

Thanks to everyone who took part!

Sadly for us, the contest didn’t have much effect on the game’s awareness, so we won’t be doing a similar thing anytime soon.

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  • Cendi says:

    Enhorabuena a los ganadores. A mi como siempre no me acompaña la suerte. 🙁

  • xx Killadelphia says:

    I’m top ten in the world and I don’t win shit , waste my time missing cars by a cunt hair 4 nothing. Thanks 4 nothing

  • YouSteve says:

    Wow, rage lots? It must totally suck not to get paid to play fun games. You should boycott video games and only play pen and paper games.

  • bdavid81 says:

    You’re an ungrateful S.O.B.

    You play games to have fun, not to get something in return.

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  • xx Killadelphia says:

    hey steve n david come 2 philly n talk shit faggot, other wise shut up and no I don’t play games for fun thanks I get paid to play halo 3 and soon for reach so blow me just don’t waiste my time with some random ass name outta the hat shit and show respect to the best players of ur game trust me I never would have played such a glitchy game if I didn’t think there was something in it for me, So ending with you play games to have fun , I play games to make money and that’s how it will be n I live in phila so drop me aline I wouldn’t mind robbin you blind Peace Steady mobbin later for you faggots.

  • losmatzos says:

    hey, I am a winner. Cool. Thx

    I knew I am special.

    Now 1600MP and later world domination.

    See ya

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  • Xenoliath says:

    Please, if you’re going to moan, at least get your spelling correct.