Wool has been updated, contest soon

An update for Wool has been made available. The two main features of this update:

  • P2P High scores (They will be only available if you have a Gold profile and the full version of Wool).
  • Now you don’t have to go back to the stage select screen after completing a level

Due to the P2P high scores feature, your previous high scores will be deleted (but not your progress).

Thanks to the P2P High scores, we can now hold a contest and give prizes. We’ll do it soon, meanwhile you can start training and pushing your scores, as they will be valid once the contest begins.

Remember that P2P scores can only be updated if you play the game at the same time that other people, so don’t worry if you can’t see other people scores yet, we’ll setup a server once the contest begins.

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  • Gamertag: Alfred Saxon says:

    Great news. Thank you 🙂

  • Lohengriehn says:

    Hi there.

    Downloaded the demo a few days ago. Fortunately there appeared some ms-points in my account and I rated this game as a funny and entertaining one, even with the trial. The music for its own is worth 1$. Provides happy feelings 🙂

    And I like those stupid sheeps, haha 😀 never seen those amusing sprites in a game. Looking forward for a contest, but I guess a few too much of my sheeps get drowned there 🙂

    4/5 stars at marketplace given – btw…dont give too much on those ratings. Even a game with 2 stars provides a lot of fun to other gamers. But generally I do hate this rating system, with you. Ok, Thanks again for this amusing game.

  • WaaghMan says:

    Thanks for your comments and rating. We haven’t started a contest yet mainly because I don’t have right now an Xbox 360 to host the scores (I’ve got a RROD some time ago and still didn’t get it back).

    We probably won’t give prizes based solely on best score so you can win something only by participating.