MotorHEAT Score contest details and rules

Now that the P2P Scoreboard is working flawlessly, we’re starting the contest we promised some time ago. We’ve decided to try an idea we had some time ago, if it ends successfully we’ll probably repeat it in the future.


Since we don’t have much to offer from start, we’re doing the following: Almost all of our winnings during the period the contest is on will be given back as prizes, mostly in the form of MS Points cards. So, the more people taking part in the contest, the more chances you’ll win something.

*UPDATED* The current prizes are:

  • THE LAST Free Little Racers redeem token (we’ve almost ran out of codes), valued in 240MP.
  • 4 x Free Wool Redeem tokens, valued in 240MP each one.
  • 2 x Free MotorHEAT tokens for your friends, valued in 240MP each one.
  • 19 x 1600 US Microsoft Points card, valued in 1600 MP each one 😉

As we said, we’ll add extra MP cards each day, depending on the number of sales (we’ll make them public).


The contest starts NOW, at the same time the patch comes out, and will have a length of 15 days, so it will end on April 1st.

How to take part

There are only two things needed for you to take part in the contest:

  • You need to appear in our World Rankings chart. We’ll update the ranking daily on a spreadsheet and make it public, so you can know if you’re appearing and the score we have registered.
  • You need to have an active Gold LIVE Subscription. This is necessary to ensure you’re not creating Silver profiles just to increase your chances of winning something.

We’ll set up a server running almost 24hrs a day, so you shouldn’t have any problems to get your score synchronized to our list. Anyway, if you can’t synchronize your score, feel free to send us a picture with the ingame highscore table and we’ll add it manually.

How are winners chosen

We want everyone to have a chance of winning something, but also to reward players who have invested more time playing the game, so we’ve come up with the following rules:

  • You get as participations as the level you’ve gotten to in your best score. For instance, if you made it to level 23, you’ll have 23 times more chances of winning something than somebody that didn’t pass Level 1.
  • You’ll get additional chances if you tweet (+5) or make a blog post (+10) about the contest. Please let us know if you’re doing it.
  • The winners will be selected once the contest is over, we don’t have the exact date yet. They will receive a message via the LIVE messaging system, to confirm their identity. Once they reply, we’ll send them the code for the item they’ve won.
  • If they don’t reply in a week, another winner will be chosen.
  • The player with the top score will get a 1600 MP Card directly.
  • One prize per winner at max.
  • Milkstone members (WaaghMan/Soy1Bonus) won’t be eligible for any prize.

Good luck!

The contest starts NOW, so feel free to download the game (or the update) and start racking up your score!

The spreadsheet with the current scores is available on Google Docs

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  • (F8alaty) Dan says:

    Im goin to make a post on my facebook about the game and contest. Will that make me eligible for the +10?

  • WaaghMan says:

    Hi F8alaty , I think it will depend on the post length. If it’s just a short mention, we’d treat it as a tweet (+5). If you explain with more detail what’s going on, we’ll consider it as a blog post AND a twitter post, and give you +15.

  • Hey this blog is really nice i think i can get a lot out of it…..

  • Cendi says:


    Desde hace unos días que no sale actualizada mi mejor puntuación.

    Mi GT es Cendi, y aquí os dejo una captura de pantalla donde se ve mi puntuación actual:

  • WaaghMan says:

    Gracias, lo anotamos. La actualización de la tabla es manual y hace un tiempo que no lo hacemos porque ahora hay menos movimiento. Tenemos datos tuyos pero son más antiguos, 130 millones aproximadamente.