Zombie Football Carnage featured on Indie Royale

Our monster-smashing game Zombie Football Carnage is part of the latest Indie Royale bundle, the Golden Jubilee Bundle.

This bundle is the 50th Indie Royale bundle so it’s a bit special, and cheaper than the usual ones. Also, if you were subscribed to the Indie Royale newsletter, you will get 2 bundle keys for free: One for you and one for a friend!

So, what are you waiting for? Go to http://www.indieroyale.com/ and get 6 great games for a very low price!

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WaaghMan September 21st, 2013 News Comments Off on Zombie Football Carnage featured on Indie Royale

New games available in our store!

We’ve successfully ported Infinity Danger and Zombie Football Carnage to PC, and now they’re available in our store!

We have a special offer going on: Each game is priced $4, but if you purchase 2 of them, you’ll get them for just $3 each one. And, if you purchase 3 of them, it’ll be just $2.5 each one. So feel free to pick the combination you prefer, and you’ll get them at a discounted price!

Check them out!

Remember also that you can download the demo by just going to the corresponding game page.

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WaaghMan November 18th, 2011 News 3 Comments

Update for Zombie Football Carnage released

The second update for Zombie Football Carnage has been approved. You’ll receive a notification when you start playing the game.

This is mainly a bugfix release that addresses the following main issues:

  • Fixed P2P score sharing issues (yet again 🙂 ), now everything works as expected. If you have your local scores filled with people you don’t know (due to the error present in the last update), you’ll have to delete your saved game data to clean the list. Be warned you’ll also lose the improvements you could have bought on the shop. Sorry but there’s no other way to fix this.
  • Now the game doesn’t periodically pauses on some consoles due to ingame data saving.

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WaaghMan March 26th, 2011 News Comments Off on Update for Zombie Football Carnage released

Zombie Football Carnage update status

During the last week, we’ve been gathering feedback and suggestions from users, in order to finish the first update and make a better game.

The things we’ve planned so far are the following:


  • Fixed many P2P score issues, such as not properly loading data from disk or not sorting data on the high score list.
  • Some people have experienced random lockups during play. We can’t tell for sure, but we’ve suffered from these as well and we’ve been trying our hardest to find the issue. Since it can happen on the game menu as well, we think it’s related to P2P score sharing, so it should be fixed as well.
  • Fixed some minor graphical glitches


  • Reduced difficulty of all the 1st quarter waves (So it’s easier for absolute beginners, and a way to rest after a sudden death)
  • Increased “The Plague” wave difficulty (It was too easy to be a Sudden Death)
  • Reduced enemies movement speed and projectile speed, in order to reduce the game difficulty a bit.
  • Increased “Rinosaur Rex” wave difficulty a bit (Rather easy to be a Sudden Death)
  • Reduced “Dinobikers Attack” wave difficulty a lot (Too hard to be a 1st quarter)


  • Ask for a confirmation before exiting a game from the Pause menu.
  • Added a new background, the Junkyard
  • Added some basic instructions when the game starts, so people can learn the basic controls faster
  • Added new wave configurations, one per quarter, to increase a bit more the variety.

We expect to finish the patch someday next week. Until then, we’re still open to suggestions and feedback.

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WaaghMan February 27th, 2011 News 1 Comment

Zombie Football Carnage is OUT

Well, it has been out since friday, but it was hard to put it down to write this post…
Here’s the game’s trailer just for the sake of consistency 🙂

There are already very good reviews of the game, and we are truly happy to have appeared on Kotaku! We hope that everyone is having fun with the game and if you still don’t have it, check it out in the Xbox LIVE Indie Marketplace, it’s a lot of bloody carnage for one buck!

By the way, has anyone found a special enemy cameo we added from one of our previous games?

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Soy1Bonus February 21st, 2011 News 8 Comments

Zombie Football Carnage Gameplay video

In case you don’t follow us on Twitter or Facebook (and why not? You should be!), we’ve uploaded a gameplay video of Zombie Football Carnage on Youtube, check it out:

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WaaghMan February 12th, 2011 News 5 Comments

Zombie Football Carnage unveiled!

Last week we showed you some concepts for our current project. We’ve been advancing at a good rythm and the game is almost finished!

The name is Zombie Football Carnage, in this game you’ll fight through several waves of increasing difficulty, grouped in matches. To slay the zombies and monsters you have three main weapons at your disposal: A football, a charged attack and a dash to escape from enemy attacks. While playing you’ll earn money, that allows you to purchase upgrades in the shop to reach further levels and get higher scores!

The game features 15 different enemies, each one with its own behavior, combined in more than 20 wave configurations, and more than 10 special weapons that you can use.

Here are the first screenshots for the game:

In-game screenshot

The church scenario

The Metro scenario

The Metro scenario

This is one of the biggest and best looking games we’ve ever done here at Milkstone Studios, and it shows off some of the improvements we’ve made in the engine during last months, so we’re proud of it :).

We expect to put the game into peer review some day next week. We’ll be posting more screenshots, boxart, info about the game and a gameplay video during the next days, so be sure to check it out!

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WaaghMan February 9th, 2011 News 3 Comments