Zombie Football Carnage is OUT

Well, it has been out since friday, but it was hard to put it down to write this post…
Here’s the game’s trailer just for the sake of consistency ๐Ÿ™‚

There are already very good reviews of the game, and we are truly happy to have appeared on Kotaku! We hope that everyone is having fun with the game and if you still don’t have it, check it out in the Xbox LIVE Indie Marketplace, it’s a lot of bloody carnage for one buck!

By the way, has anyone found a special enemy cameo we added from one of our previous games?

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  • loki says:

    “By the way, has anyone found a special enemy cameo we added from one of our previous games?”

    2 times. I survived the second one thanks to an inusual number of the electric tower item.

  • Soy1Bonus says:

    They’re quite hard ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Gamertag: Alfred Saxon says:

    Yes i found them. I couldn’t believe what i was seeing. I was laughing. Great idea. Most people have not even played that game. Good one guys.

  • Gamertag: Alfred Saxon says:

    And i saw the Dreamcast controller trigger picture. LOL. That was a funny achievement.

  • Soy1Bonus says:

    So you recognized the controller ๐Ÿ˜›
    Yeah, it was a nod to a similar achievement in MotorHEAT.

    We’re still going to balance some of the other achievements (some of them secret) that are way too hard.

  • Mono says:

    Habรฉis pensado en programarlo para poder jugar en Windows (Crear una tienda virtual y ofertarlo para el mercado de usuarios de Windows)

  • Yep, I recognized the sheep. Oh, whoops. Was I not supposed to say that?

    By the way, I’d like to point out that we reviewed the game, too, and gave it a favorable score: http://www.1uporpoison.com/xblig/zombie-football-carnage/

  • Soy1Bonus says:

    De momento no, pero es algo que tenemos presente, teniendo en cuenta que XNA funciona bien en Windows. No es algo que descartamos para el futuro.