Zombie Football Carnage update status

During the last week, we’ve been gathering feedback and suggestions from users, in order to finish the first update and make a better game.

The things we’ve planned so far are the following:


  • Fixed many P2P score issues, such as not properly loading data from disk or not sorting data on the high score list.
  • Some people have experienced random lockups during play. We can’t tell for sure, but we’ve suffered from these as well and we’ve been trying our hardest to find the issue. Since it can happen on the game menu as well, we think it’s related to P2P score sharing, so it should be fixed as well.
  • Fixed some minor graphical glitches


  • Reduced difficulty of all the 1st quarter waves (So it’s easier for absolute beginners, and a way to rest after a sudden death)
  • Increased “The Plague” wave difficulty (It was too easy to be a Sudden Death)
  • Reduced enemies movement speed and projectile speed, in order to reduce the game difficulty a bit.
  • Increased “Rinosaur Rex” wave difficulty a bit (Rather easy to be a Sudden Death)
  • Reduced “Dinobikers Attack” wave difficulty a lot (Too hard to be a 1st quarter)


  • Ask for a confirmation before exiting a game from the Pause menu.
  • Added a new background, the Junkyard
  • Added some basic instructions when the game starts, so people can learn the basic controls faster
  • Added new wave configurations, one per quarter, to increase a bit more the variety.

We expect to finish the patch someday next week. Until then, we’re still open to suggestions and feedback.

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