Zombie Football Carnage unveiled!

Last week we showed you some concepts for our current project. We’ve been advancing at a good rythm and the game is almost finished!

The name is Zombie Football Carnage, in this game you’ll fight through several waves of increasing difficulty, grouped in matches. To slay the zombies and monsters you have three main weapons at your disposal: A football, a charged attack and a dash to escape from enemy attacks. While playing you’ll earn money, that allows you to purchase upgrades in the shop to reach further levels and get higher scores!

The game features 15 different enemies, each one with its own behavior, combined in more than 20 wave configurations, and more than 10 special weapons that you can use.

Here are the first screenshots for the game:

In-game screenshot

The church scenario

The Metro scenario

The Metro scenario

This is one of the biggest and best looking games we’ve ever done here at Milkstone Studios, and it shows off some of the improvements we’ve made in the engine during last months, so we’re proud of it :).

We expect to put the game into peer review some day next week. We’ll be posting more screenshots, boxart, info about the game and a gameplay video during the next days, so be sure to check it out!

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  • thewhosabouttosaycool says:

    Cool and great idea. Please say its got silly commentary, football games (fantasy or otherwise) are missing comedy commentary. If you go multilingual you earn mega kudos from the community too =D

  • WaaghMan says:

    We don’t have commentaries planned, sorry. We have to keep the game size low to ensure it fits within the 50Mbyte size limit. And sadly it will be english only as usual, because the Indie Games platform does not benefit multilanguage games at all. The game is fully translation capable (all our games are) though, so maybe in the future.