Little Racers STREET submitted to Steam!

It’s been two months of hard work, but we’ve finally completed everything we wanted to add for the Steam version of Little Racers STREET!

We’ve just submitted the game for the final release on Steam. The final date and price have to be discussed yet, but we’re aiming at early February and a base price of $10.

So what have we been working on these months? Well, lots of things, but the main features are the following:

  • A whole new city with plenty of tracks and lots of events, up to ~200 total different events in the game
  • 10 new cars
  • General graphical improvements and new effects (such as water reflections or dynamic shadows)
  • Full gamepad support via Big Picture gamepad settings. An Xbox 360 compatible gamepad is recommended right now, but it will work with any gamepad.
  • Customizable keyboard input.
  • Ghost cars on Time trial mode
  • Full Steam integration: Friends, Matchmaking, Voice chat, Leaderboards, Achievements, Trading cards, Cloud saves, Full controller support…
  • Complete support for Linux and Mac platforms

Stay tuned for more news, and don’t forget to check out another game of ours currently in Greenlight: White Noise Online

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WaaghMan January 16th, 2014 News 2 Comments

Little Racers STREET has been Greenlit! (and a poll for new car models)

Finally, Little Racers STREET has been approved on Steam Greenlight and will be available in the following months.

We’re currently working hard on creating new content and adding new features and improvements for the PC version. Among these improvements, we intend to add the following:

  • Non-Xbox 360 gamepad support (X360 gamepads are already supported)
  • Keyboard binding
  • Text chat for multiplayer
  • A whole new city with lots of new tracks
  • Improve the original city with a better look
  • Plenty of new cars, and improve some of the original ones.
  • Ghost car in time trial mode
  • Improved overall visuals
  • Full steam integration (achievements, leaderboards, matchmaking, trading cards, steam cloud, etc.)
  • Mac and Linux versions

We’re aiming to have everything finished mid January, we’ll keep you updated as work advances.

If you have any suggestion not posted here, you can comment here.

We have created a poll on Google Docs so you can vote for which car models do you want to see in the new version of the game:

Remember you can purchase the Desura version now and you’ll get a Steam key when the game is released there:

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WaaghMan November 15th, 2013 News 4 Comments

Little Racers STREET PC Demo

We’ve put together a working PC Demo for Little Racers STREET, so you can check the game.

 Try it out!

Remember to vote the game on Steam Greenlight if you like it!

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WaaghMan August 31st, 2012 News 1 Comment

Help us get Little Racers STREET on Steam!

Greenlight, the new platform that Valve has put together to help indie developers publish their games on Steam, has opened to the public today.

We’ve just submitted our best rated game, Little Racers STREET. We’d really love if you could help us by voting the game (as well as other great games on the Greenlight platform!).

You can do so on the game submission details:

We have lots of ideas for a Little Racers STREET Pc version, and getting the game into Steam is definitely the best way to help our studio making bigger, better games.

We have plans for submitting some of our better games for the platform as well, but our main priority right now is LRS.

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WaaghMan August 30th, 2012 News Comments Off on Help us get Little Racers STREET on Steam!