Little Racers STREET has been Greenlit! (and a poll for new car models)

Finally, Little Racers STREET has been approved on Steam Greenlight and will be available in the following months.

We’re currently working hard on creating new content and adding new features and improvements for the PC version. Among these improvements, we intend to add the following:

  • Non-Xbox 360 gamepad support (X360 gamepads are already supported)
  • Keyboard binding
  • Text chat for multiplayer
  • A whole new city with lots of new tracks
  • Improve the original city with a better look
  • Plenty of new cars, and improve some of the original ones.
  • Ghost car in time trial mode
  • Improved overall visuals
  • Full steam integration (achievements, leaderboards, matchmaking, trading cards, steam cloud, etc.)
  • Mac and Linux versions

We’re aiming to have everything finished mid January, we’ll keep you updated as work advances.

If you have any suggestion not posted here, you can comment here.

We have created a poll on Google Docs so you can vote for which car models do you want to see in the new version of the game:

Remember you can purchase the Desura version now and you’ll get a Steam key when the game is released there:

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  • HomiSite says:

    Congratulations at last! One thing bothers me a bit: I played LRS quite a while on the Xbox – is there any way thinkable to transfer (some of) your progress to Steam/Desura?

  • johnny says:

    I’m happy for you guys, but what of LRS on Xbox? Will it receive the same changes as the PC version? Will there be a new game for it, or will it be PC only?

  • WaaghMan says:

    Sorry, but that won’t be possible, you’ll have to start over. However, with the new city and new cars and improved visuals, I think it will be worth to play again from scratch 🙂

  • WaaghMan says:

    We’re not sure yet. We’ve added lots of features that won’t probably work on the Xbox: More detailed models, reflections, etc. As well as some breaking changes with the networking and leaderboards component, so adapting the current Xbox version can be quite difficult.

    In the end, it all will depend on how Xbox sales are affected by the Steam release: If we experience a rise in sales for the Xbox version, we’ll try to add the new features there.