Avatar Ninja sales reach Top 5

Avatar Ninja is placed 5 on the top Indie game sales last week!

Thanks to everyone who supported us! Expect a patch soon which will address some bugs.

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WaaghMan May 26th, 2010 News 1 Comment

Little Racers in Top 9 this week

For 4th consecutive week, Little Racers has selled well enough to make a place in the weekly Top 9.

Also, we’ve finally managed to get a working multiplayer version. It will still take some time until release, since there’re many things to improve and check for stability issues etc, so please be patient.

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WaaghMan April 22nd, 2009 News Comments Off on Little Racers in Top 9 this week

Little Racers in Top 8 this week

Although the sales number has been lower than past weeks, Little Racers has made well enough to reach Top 8 sales last week .

For those who are interested, we’ll post our numbers in the near future.


WaaghMan April 15th, 2009 News 1 Comment

Little Racers’ sales reach Top 7

That’s right. Little Racers ‘ sales numbers are enough to place it on the Top 7 this week . Also it’s the 2nd most-selling 400 MP game on Community Games right now.

Thanks again for your support. We’d love to hear your suggestions and ideas to improve the game even further.


WaaghMan April 10th, 2009 News Comments Off on Little Racers’ sales reach Top 7

Little Racers makes it to the Top 10

Despite being released on Thursday, Little Racers has sold enough copies to reach the Top 10 of Community Games sales last week(9th position).

As an additional note, it’s the only one in the Top10 that’s being sold at 400 MP , so that’s a double success. We’re grateful to everyone that tried and bought the game. And for those who bought it but experienced some problems, don’t worry, we’re working on it right now to deliver the first patch, with Online mode being the main improvement.


WaaghMan March 31st, 2009 News 7 Comments