Little Racers makes it to the Top 10

Despite being released on Thursday, Little Racers has sold enough copies to reach the Top 10 of Community Games sales last week(9th position).

As an additional note, it’s the only one in the Top10 that’s being sold at 400 MP , so that’s a double success. We’re grateful to everyone that tried and bought the game. And for those who bought it but experienced some problems, don’t worry, we’re working on it right now to deliver the first patch, with Online mode being the main improvement.


  • Eduardo says:

    Congrats on the great game guys… I was thinking myself when someone would create a XNA game based on the oldies Super Off Road or, most importantly, Indy Heat.

    Anyway, I bought the game righ off the bat and loved it, though I’ve been experiencing some freezing issues… I can’t complete more than 3 races before my console completely freezes.

    I saw that you have a patch coming up, will that fix the issue?

    And some suggestions for a future LR2: I loved the arcade version of Indy Heat (I’m sure you’ve heard about it, or even played).

    Having gas/turbo gauges was phenomenal, even better was having to pit to refuel and replenish the turbo meter – it adds a whole other level of strategy (when to pit, or skipping pit stops despite having no turbo left, etc).

    Upgradeable cars would be awesome too, in a simple format – +1 speed, +1 grip, +1 accel, etc, maybe earning cash from winning and buying upgrades in the championship mode.

  • Yayo says:


  • Soy1Bonus says:

    We’re working on fixing that problem, but we haven’t had crashes yet. We’ll be keeping testing it though, because we really need to fix this crashes.

    About LR2, well, right now we are designing a totally different game, but may be we will make LR2 in the future, adding some of your suggestions. They seem to add more depth to the gameplay, and that’s good.

  • AvilesMan says:

    Congrats folks. This is really a great achievement!

  • ddman says:

    i think the ‘top 10’ is of that week, not ‘all time’, so it makes sense that a new game usually gets in the top 10.

    ..i think… 🙂

  • WaaghMan says:

    You’re right, it’s the top 10 of that week, as stated in the post. And yeah, it makes sense, but we still see it as a success anyway. We’ll see if this week the game manages to stay in the top again or not.

  • XBL: Armadillo Punk says:

    How many copy did the game sell to get in the top 10?