1st Sushi Castle Unlocked DLC published and available!

Sushi Castle reached the 1st milestone for additional content some time ago, so we’ve kept our promise and included the new content in this update (for free).

This update features the following changes:

  • 1st Free DLC unlocked!
    • Added 50 new room layouts (Total of 200 layouts now).
    • Added a new special room: The Disco room.
  • New feature: Item list with the items you’ve discovered so far and their effect (items discovered prior to this update won’t appear, sorry!).
  • Hopefully fixed rare crash bug with laser beams.

Download the game from here: http://marketplace.xbox.com/games/media/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80258550b72

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WaaghMan August 18th, 2012 News 1 Comment

Sushi Castle 1.1 update available now

The first update for Sushi Castle has been approved and should be available for download now. It features the following changes:

  • Fixed sushi message appearing after using a scroll for the first time
  • Reduced player hitbox size in 10%
  • Increased player speed by 5%
  • Fixed aspect ratio of the splash screen in 4:3 displays.
  • Fixed music volume “vibrating” when the game is paused.
  • Reduced health of some enemies
  • Increased damage of the Kamikaze skill by 60%.
  • Mitigated the effect of the poisoned sushi: It just leaves your health at a maximum of 3
  • Stat changes remain highlighted for more time.

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WaaghMan July 31st, 2012 News 7 Comments

Sushi Castle released!

Milkstone Studios proudly presents Sushi Castle, the biggest game they’ve ever made! After months of hard work, they have come up with an arcade dungeon crawler like no other (on the Xbox 360)!

Sushi Castle features dual stick shooting on randomly generated dungeons! With more than 25 unique enemies, 12 bosses and tons of equipment, you’ll need at least 5 playthroughs to witness all the content this game has to offer!

Focusing on simple, fluid gameplay and neat visuals, Sushi Castle will get you hooked to your gamepad until you complete your quest – or die trying! Learn new techniques and strategies as you play, to overcome all the challenges this game has to offer!

Sushi Castle is available now on Xbox Indies for just 80MP (That’s $1). But there’s more! We know you will love this game as much as we do, so we’ve committed to improve the game with even more content when some sales target are met.

So don’t hesitate and join the Ninja bloodfest extravaganza!

Download Sushi Castle by searching for it on the Bing bar from your Xbox, or by using this link: http://marketplace.xbox.com/games/media/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80258550b72

Check the trailer and witness all you can get for just 1 dollar:

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WaaghMan July 12th, 2012 News 14 Comments