Sushi Castle released!

Milkstone Studios proudly presents Sushi Castle, the biggest game they’ve ever made! After months of hard work, they have come up with an arcade dungeon crawler like no other (on the Xbox 360)!

Sushi Castle features dual stick shooting on randomly generated dungeons! With more than 25 unique enemies, 12 bosses and tons of equipment, you’ll need at least 5 playthroughs to witness all the content this game has to offer!

Focusing on simple, fluid gameplay and neat visuals, Sushi Castle will get you hooked to your gamepad until you complete your quest – or die trying! Learn new techniques and strategies as you play, to overcome all the challenges this game has to offer!

Sushi Castle is available now on Xbox Indies for just 80MP (That’s $1). But there’s more! We know you will love this game as much as we do, so we’ve committed to improve the game with even more content when some sales target are met.

So don’t hesitate and join the Ninja bloodfest extravaganza!

Download Sushi Castle by searching for it on the Bing bar from your Xbox, or by using this link:

Check the trailer and witness all you can get for just 1 dollar:

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  • Joe G says:

    Hey I was going to check this out and maybe buy it b/c the screens remind me of Binding of Isaac. Anyway, I’m getting an error message saying it can’t play the game. Code 3 is what it said. Let me know when it’s fixed! tank you tank you

  • WaaghMan says:

    When are you exactly getting that error? Just when the game starts? While loading the game?

    Code 3 errors are a really strange thing, and not always are the developer’s fault.

  • Chris says:

    Hey Guys! I am loving the game! I think I logged about 8 hours of play time over the last couple of days. Still haven’t beat it but love the challenge and the randomness of it all! I wanted to say I wish there was some kind of stats page that showed how many times you died, how many items you collected, play time, how many times you beat the castle, etc. I hope the game sells well because i am looking forward to the DLC that you have listed. Any word yet on how many have been sold so far. Anywho, great game and keep up the good work!

  • postfuturist says:

    This is a very fun game, mostly because the mechanics are a direct ripoff of The Binding of Isaac. Don’t get me wrong, I bought it on XBLIG and gave it the 5 star rating it deserves. It is legal and ethical (in my opinion) to copy game mechanics, but I think it would be nice if you gave credit where it’s due. This is especially true seeing that the only thing you added was some crass orientalist theming.

  • Soy1Bonus says:

    Yes, we love BoI and we had some student artists that were working with us for a couple of months so we decided to clone that game. It was a really nice experience, and we all learned a lot, because BoI is a much more complex game than what it looks like (both on the artistic and programming side).

    Where should we give credit? In the credits of the game? Without having permission I don’t think it would be a good idea, but I don’t know…

    But yeah, BoI is a great game and everyone should pick it up on Steam (it’s on sale right now)

  • Jude says:

    I’m just saying you copied every aspect of BoI, you should of asked permission to use it.

  • Celestio says:

    Yes you really should have asked permission! Ed Mcmillen (dev of BOI) is letting this slide because he is a generally good person. You shouldn’t be making money off of it as it is a pretty much direct ripoff. I could have taken the easier path and just swore at you but I’m not going to do that. Cool if you want to copy a game for fun but you shouldn’t be making money off of this.

  • Soy1Bonus says:

    We copied many things from BoI, but also we added some things from Smash TV and some of our own, like the 8-bit rooms or the trap chests.

    Also, this is a clone that costs 1$ and is available on the XBLIG. People compares it to BoI, but I think that is unfair, we don’t have that much experience, and it was the first game of the guy that did the art of our game, he mostly learned to animate with it. McMillen is a proven animator and his game is great (although we’re bigger fans of Super Meat Boy).

    People makes it look as if it wasn’t hard to make this game. We did all the art, the music and sounds, and had to code the whole game. It was probably the biggest game that we’ve done to date. It’s not as simple as a re-skin of the original.

    We would prefer that other games of ours (like Little Racers STREET or MotorHEAT) were our best selling titles, but sadly on the XBLIG market, the best selling titles are usually clones of other well known games (you can check out the XBLIG Top Downloads), and we wouldn’t like to shutdown the studio.

    Let’s hope Steam Greenlight will help us to get our lesser known titles get more exposure, because there seems to be more variety of tastes on the PC indie scene than on XBLIG.

  • Celestio says:

    All I said was that it isn’t right to make money off of a cloned game. Even if it is only one dollar and you don’t have much experience, you should have had more respect for the game you copied and the people who made it (Ed and Florian). It isn’t right and it never will be. They could have sued you guys but they chose to let it slide and that shows their good character. This game should be free and you know it.

  • Soy1Bonus says:

    I don’t see it that way, I think it’s not that simple.

    We’ll try to explain our point of view in a future blog post.

  • HomiSite says:

    1) To the game itself:

    Roguelikes are not my favourite genre, I bought it more because it’s cheap, it looks quite good and I like a lot of your games. That the Ninja is using a cannon, is at first dissapointing. More irritating for me was that it is not a free 360° twin-stick game but only 8 direction. Was that a gameplay design or a technical decision?

    I like that the minimap shows hearts etc., but it should also change if you close a money pit or empty a treasure room. The is much blood, but no real dying animations. And the big shuriken shouldn’t bleed :-).

    As Chris said, I really miss persistent data etc. As I said above, “die and restart” games are not my favourite ones (except DayZ :-)), but it is demotivating that there are no data at all. And you can’t save to continue later, can’t you? A glossar about all found items would be nice, too.

    2) To The Binding of Isaac:

    I got that game from one of the many Indie bundles, but didn’t really played it much. But Sushi Castle reminds me of it, too. But I don’t see it that critical. Milkstone’s games of often refined versions of more or less known concepts/games. Maybe Sushi Castle was a bit too much, I can’t say it yet. At least Isaac is not available on XBLIG and Sushi Castle isn’t such a direct rip-off like much games on iOS.

    PS: I thought/hoped that Sushi Castle would be some top-down slasher.

  • Chris says:

    Milkstone has done a great job with this game even though its similar to BOI. I’m not a PC gamer and there is NOTHING like this on XBOX so I’m enjoying it. I wouldn’t want them to change anything except bring out new DLC and maybe add some stat screens or a item wiki as mentioned above. I liken this game to the many Minecraft like games on Xbox before Minecraft came to Xbox. Why not give gamers the opportunity to experience something that’s not available to them on the console? To some gamers the clones of these games are even better than the original. Until BOI comes to Xbox, I will play Sushi Castle and heck it’s only a buck. I can say I have gotten my moneys worth with this game.

  • BaggityMan says:

    Though I find copying heavily from BOI to be a tad annoying to me(It doesn’t seem to creative or deep in it’s own sense), I can certainly understand the reasoning involved.

    It was basically admitted that they did not want to shut down, so that getting money through this was a way of preventing that. It had a degree of certainty to receive money, people always wanted BOI on Xbox, etc. In fact, I’d say it was pretty smart. From the mechanics, and lack there-of(momentum in tears) they seem to have worked on everything. Coding, Art, Music, etc. Regardless if they worked as hard, or not, they did create it from scratch essentially. The only thing copied were mechanics, as they knew the game itself would sell.

    So, for 1 dollar it is a pretty good deal. It seemed fairly intelligent of them. I still have some complaints though. This isn’t anything about ethics, simply things that bring out disgust in me.

    The whole DLC part seems like a money-grabbing idea. Won’t go into the details as to why, although it does need some updating. You know, it could be at like 2499 sales! Anyhow, the “Issac” in the tags of the trailer also seems disrespectful. As said, it seems like you are riding off the idea that many people wanted a BOI Xbox-version. I wonder if a game aspiring to be like a big-hit used that company’s game-name in their tags and they found out? I’m sure they’d at least make you take it down. Seeing the mixed signals, it’s difficult for me to think the respect for BOI is genuine, or if it’s being used as a way to seek revenue through it’s success. It indicates something of an individual’s character. All these are simply articulations of my annoyance/disgust.

    I could be wrong though! The reasoning which I am angry could be non-existent. Which, I’d then totally change my view. From my memories though, even something like Total Miner didn’t seem to advocate itself as an alternative to Minecraft, or mention it really. It was just sort of known as a game following the same base.

    I suppose some other people are just simply irritated by the amount of saturation on the indie-game front with Xbox.

    Nonetheless, let’s say you just advertised you game without mentioning BOI, attempting to ride of it’s success, etc. I’m pretty sure that people would still be irritable. I wouldn’t, but people would still be, Haha.

    THAT SAID.. I’m impressed with aspects of the game. It’s great for people who don’t like using the PC, or if their PC(for whatever reason) is unable to handle the resource-extensive BOI. You also, just in case, linked BOI on steam on your trailer(If I remember correctly).

    So! I hope you learned a lot and gained experience from making this title. If this is your biggest project, I hope to see something more original come out in the future. Something neat! Something that will make people go “Well.. Holy shit, these guys aren’t that bad at all”

    Which.. Is why I spent a buck on the game. You better not be that homeless man near my home! He always asks for money, but uses it on booze. As a result, nobody gives him money.

    Or in better words, if you wish to continue being in the industry, your past actions to pass over. Goodluck!

    -long ass post done-

  • WaaghMan says:

    We’re not faking our love for the original BoI! We’ve never cloned a core mechanic that we don’t respect.

    And we’ve never tried to use the BoI name to get more attention. The Xbox description doesn’t mention it, nor the press release. We’ve ended adding it to this website description and the youtube video AFTER it got that many criticism for being a clone.

    We’ll update the sales numbers later today, but I can tell you we’ve not reached the first milestone yet.

    We intend to make a post stating our opinions on the whole matter, I don’t know if we’ll write it today or next week though.