Some teaser screenshots of our next project

Check them out!

Teaser Screenshot

captura2 (4)

As you might have guessed from our April’s Fools, we’re currently working on a new project. We’re not entering into details yet, but it’s a larger project than we’re used to, and the game will be more focused on PC distribution than Xbox, although we’ll try to mantain gamepad compatibility.

We’ll be sharing more info as development continues, we’re still very early in development so they will be mostly characters and scenario pictures.

We’ll start work soon on new updates for Avatar Farm Online (minor bugfixes mostly) and White Noise Online (new scenario and some bugfixes), don’t worry!


WaaghMan April 5th, 2013 News 3 Comments

Project #6 Scenario: Metro

Metro level Screenshot

Metro level Screenshot

Here is the final version of the Metro level, one of the many scenarios where the action will occur.

Some of  you have asked what the game is about, since we only have posted images of enemies and scenarios. You’ll have to wait until next week, please be patient :).


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Project #6 Concept Art III: Metro

Metro background Concept Art

Scenario concept: Metro

New concept art for another scenario of the game: The Metro. We’re finishing this one right now, so we’ll show you the final version soon 🙂


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Project #6 Concept Art II : Junkyard

Scenario concept: Junkyard

Scenario concept: Junkyard

More concept art! This time for a possible scenario of the game, the junkyard.


WaaghMan February 1st, 2011 News 1 Comment

Project #6 Concept Art I : Enemies

Project #6 Enemy concepts

Project #6 Enemy concept art

As promised, here it is, some concept art for our upcoming project, codenamed “Project #6” until we find a better name :).

These are concept arts for enemies on the game. Not all of them will be present on the final version, but some should be.

We’ll try to keep uploading bits of content once a day.

Hope you like them!


WaaghMan January 31st, 2011 News 1 Comment