Some teaser screenshots of our next project

Check them out!

Teaser Screenshot

captura2 (4)

As you might have guessed from our April’s Fools, we’re currently working on a new project. We’re not entering into details yet, but it’s a larger project than we’re used to, and the game will be more focused on PC distribution than Xbox, although we’ll try to mantain gamepad compatibility.

We’ll be sharing more info as development continues, we’re still very early in development so they will be mostly characters and scenario pictures.

We’ll start work soon on new updates for Avatar Farm Online (minor bugfixes mostly) and White Noise Online (new scenario and some bugfixes), don’t worry!


  • GoddessBastet says:

    I love playing Avatar Farm Online alot. Is there any way you can fix the cat from meowing alot in the game? Every time the cat meows it sounds like it is having hunger pains and I can’t feed the cat to make it stop meow so much.

  • GameTopicTV says:

    i will be there to buy it and do a lets look video

  • WaaghMan says:

    Sorry, there’s currently no way to stop the cat from meowing… but don’t worry, it’s not having any hunger pains :).