Press Release: MotorHEAT gets a head start into Xbox LIVE Indie Games

MotorHEAT gets a head start into Xbox LIVE Indie Games

You’ve got the ultimate racing car, and an unlimited road to drive on. What else do we need to say? It’s all about driving. Lightning fast. No brakes, no limits.

OVIEDO, SPAIN, Feb 26, 2010 – The latest and bestest product developed by Milkstone Studios is about to be released in Xbox Live Indie Games.

Tired of the same realistic racing games over and over, Milkstone has used all its resources at their disposal (two, actually) to build what could be described as the ultimate “drive-fast-while-dodging-cars” game, also known as MotorHEAT.

Taking inspiration from old school classics you probably haven’t heard of (OutRun, Enduro or Road Fighter), they have empowered the original idea with graphics and sound that will blow your mind and sensational sense of speed, perfect for today’s gamer. Fire up the power-ups and avoid the traffic cars while you get amazed with day/night transitions and the boost effect. And don’t worry if you crash, you’ll see some flashy graphics there too.

Furthermore, to ensure your friends stop talking to you, you can remind them how awesome you are from within the game, and also check your score globally, while you’re playing, with the best drivers around the globe. Will you be able to reach nº1? For how long?

In addition, MotorHEAT keeps that atention to detail and sheer quality that Milkstone Studios is known for. Have we already said that you can even paint your car like you want to make it fit your style? Let’s checkout some trusty reviews:

“MotorHEAT cars are more realistic than the one in my garage” – Alejandro González

“I wish real-life highways also had powerups” – Miguel Herrero

MotorHEAT is (probably) available NOW at the Xbox LIVE Indie Marketplace at a retail price of 240 MS Points.

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