Dev diary: April 12th

Hey guys, some updates on our current projects, and new screenshots!

We’ve continued development on our next project, codename SoulStone (until we find a better name!)

The goal of this project is to emulate the fun of dungeon exploring board games, such as Heroquest, Descent, etc. to a PC game, focusing on exploration and combat over character customization or complex inventory management that other games usually feature.

All these with nifty 3D graphics, aiming to look like you were playing an actual board game with miniatures!

Think of a mix between Final Fantasy Tactics, FTL and Diablo, and you might be close to what we want to achieve :).

As for our progress so far, we’ve more or less finished the first enemy, a small Ghoul. These ghouls will be equipped with an assorment of weapons, but they will be mostly harmless and easy to kill.



We’ve also put together a room editor that will help us creating interesting layouts featuring different combat situations, traps, etc. It’s still on an early phase, but here is a sample of what we can do with it:





As for other projects:

  • We’ve spent some time trying to add Split Screen support to White Noise Online, but sadly we’ve decided to discard it, the feature proved to be way more troubling than expected (specially the sound), and taking too much from the horror experience. We’ll submit an update next week with small bugfixes though. After that, we’ll start work on a new scenario.
  • We’ve received  a few bug reports for Avatar Farm Online, but we’ve not been able to reproduce them yet, so not sure of when we’ll be able to submit an update.


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  • spart1n8r says:

    will it be mutiplayer.or is it going to be on the xbox

  • GoddessBastet says:

    It would be nice for it to be 4 player co op on the Xbox.

  • WaaghMan says:

    Very unlikely. We are not designing it as an action RPG, more like an strategy game, so adding co-op would be weird at the very least.

  • spart1n8r says:

    will it be on the xbox

  • Themsw67 says:

    Will this game featured randomized shops at all, with different kind of loot? Also, Will there a be a perma-death option?

  • WaaghMan says:

    Not sure yet, but “shops” will be very limited, most things will be obtained through loot and luck.

    Plays will be supposed to be around 30-60 minutes long, so permadeath will be definitely a thing.