Dev Diary: February 13th 2013

Hello, here’s the update on our current projects:

  • Avatar Farm Online update was released last Friday, and looks like most important issues were fixed with it. Some issues remain though, we’ve been reported the following three:
    • The game can freeze while playing offline or in the main menu, if P2P score sharing is enabled (which is by default). As some of you may know, this is an issue some of our games have been suffering for years, and we’re constantly trying to fix it without having found yet the exact cause or a workaround. We’re still trying to pinpoint it, and mostly sure it’s related with a framework issue, but can’t guarantee anything.
    • We’ve been reported that the game freezes when joining a game having selected “None” in the “My pets” section. We haven’t looked into the issue yet, so can’t tell if it’s for real or not yet.
    • Although some of the incorrect leaderboard data was removed, there are still some incorrect entries in the leaderboard. We’re not yet sure if the issue that generated it is still present, we’ll wait some time and see if more of this data appears or not. Once we’ve made sure that the issue is fixed, we’ll just force a regeneration of the leaderboard to clean it up.
  • We’re currently focused on finishing White Noise Online.
    • We’ve finished almost 100% of the menu interface and gameplay elements, with only minor things remaining. We’re going to do thorough gameplay tests to ensure the game is fun and playable.
    • We’ve found the new maps are currently a bit harder than the original one: They have more surface and it’s harder to determine where you are, and where to go, so we’ll probably have to put additional landmarks and signs to help players to get a small idea of where they are looking at. Disorientation is part of the core gameplay, but not to the point you end up moving in circles all the time.
    • We’ve also finished all the skins for unlockable characters, each one with its own perks and bio. There’s currently a total of 12 characters, but we intend to add more in future updates if  people show interest.


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  • Calvin says:

    How about some wandering wolves, some howling and wind noises, and some small snowy hills or rocky cliffs to climb. maybe two connected by a wobbleing bridge for the future for the snowy map? What
    do you think?

  • Kevin K. says:

    Great job guys! I can’t believe how fast you guys are working on it. White Noise Online is going to be amazing. I believe that the skins in updates will be a great idea! Maybe you can add a Daylight Mode where you play in the morning (Kinda like Slender did), because you guys did Smiley Mode and et cetera and I belive that Daylight Mode would go over well!

  • Mike says:

    First off, my wife is in love with Avatar Farm Online; awesome game (and $1!).

    She gets a “code 4” crash when she switches to the rotating panoramic camera. It only affects one of her farms, and the only unique feature of that farm is the abundance of animals (over 400). She has larger farms that don’t crash, but they’re mostly trees and plants.

    Anyway, gamertag is paranormalbob if you want to see the conditions to replicate it.

    Keep up the good work!

  • WaaghMan says:

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the report. It’s strange, that issue was supposedly fixed some time ago by limiting the number of animals that can be drawn at the same time. We’ll check it out.

  • John says:

    I can’t wait for White Noise online to play with friends and the other features to be added! Love this game and playing with the smiley flashlight. Playing with the new characters and maps will be fun, but honestly, I haven’t even beat the original map. ha

  • Kevin K. says:

    The ending after collecting all 8 pages makes you say WTF!

  • Orcool says:

    Hi. I have heard of White Noise and seen some gameplay and I really want to play it. But I can´t download it cause I live in Mexico and Indie Games are not available in my country yet. Is there a way your games can become XboxLIVE Arcade games?

  • WaaghMan says:

    Not likely Orcool, the only way to play Xbox Indie Games from an unsupported country is to create an US account and purchase the game with it. Problem is, you can’t purchase just 80MP, you would have to purchase 500…

  • Kevin K. says:

    Another thing is if you use Bing Rewards (Requires a US Live Email) you can get 100 MSP cards for just searching on Bing. If not I could send you a 100 Microsoft Point card to your US account as I don’t need it.

  • Craig Warren says:

    Just related to Mike message. I have the same problem with looking full view. It would crash and say code 4. Is it the reason with to many animals.