Dev Diary: February 1st 2013

These past days we’ve kept working on White Noise Online, which is already showing great results in the character area!

  • We’ve got some working animations for the character. They’re not final yet, but we’ve put them in the game and they look great! 
  • We spent quite some time testing and fixing some issues when importing these animations, so code-wise there’s not much new features: We’ve improved network prediction so players didn’t float as much as they did before.
  • We’ve kept working on the snowy scenario, the main structure is mostly complete and we’ve started adding decoration items.

Looks like next week we’ll finally reach the “feature complete” stage! There’s still a lot of work ahead (specially on the menu GUI), but at least we’ll have a fully working game :).

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  • Alberto Moreno "Grihan" says:

    we want pictures!!

  • Ellis says:

    so for the snowy level could you please add a little wind noise and some wolves howling. also maybe some actual non hostile snow wolves wandering around and for the rocks or landmarks maybe small rocky hills like you would see a wolf howling at the moon on and a clear view of the moon. It would be a great scary environment for white noise with all of these so please think this over and tell me what you think! Thanks!

  • Darren lee says:

    hello, Cant wait for this brilliant game Can you give a guess of how many microsoft points it will be? Thank you

  • Marcos Lopez says:

    Great job on this update! Excited to play this. I agree with Ellis saying that you guys should add howling noises or other spooky noises. It might make the game sound scarier.

  • Floyd says:

    I think Ellis has a pretty good idea. I’m not too sure about wandering wolves, but I would like for some wind noise and wolves howling. It would make the game that much more creepy.