Dev Diary: January 30th 2013

Hey guys, how are you today? Here’s the update on our current projects:

  • We’ve had to remove the Avatar Farm Online update from certification due to showing crash reports too frequently: On a prior update we treated all load errors as a critical crash (so the report could be seen), but showing it in some not-really-critical cases (such as yanking an USB device after selecting it) is a failable reason.
    We’ll submit the update again next week.
  • As for White Noise Online:
    • We’ve finished texturing the 4 main characters and started rigging (preparing the model for animations). I’m not posting any screenshot yet because they lack animation and their pose is rather ugly :P.
    • We’ve also started testing the 1st scenario, but it’s not finished yet. We need to add some additional points of reference (rocks) so the player doesn’t get lost that easily.
    • Meanwhile, we’ve started work on the 2nd scenario, a snowy field.
    • As for coding, we’ve added the following features:
      • Flashlight cones for network players: You now can get a bit blinded if you look at the flashlight of other players, and see them from a distance if they have their flashlight on.
      • Idols: Idols are items on the scenario that can render you crazy when you look at them, just like the monster (but they don’t pursue you). They also emit a sound, so although dangerous, they can be used as a point of reference. We’re not sure yet if we’re going to use them though (the game might end up being too hard), we need more testing.
      • We’ve added some stats to the ending screen, much like the ones you see on Left 4 Dead when you end a game.

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  • TheHypestBrony says:

    A snowy field? Sounds like Hide! And when you die in multiplayer, what is the spectator mode? Is it like, let’s use CoD for an example, like in Search and Destroy, when you die do spectate the other players in first person or 3rd person, or do you float around the map freely?
    Also, I had an idea for a scenario.. What if you guys made a level where your player is in a building (and can’t get out) and there’s just a ton of corridors and small rooms everywhere?
    And also a game mode… One where you’re player can move faster, and had an option to “hide” behind stuff… Or maybe integrate that into the main game? I dunno, just suggestions. Anyway, you guys are doing great! Keep it up 😀

  • WaaghMan says:

    When you die, you come back as a ghost, which is mostly a spectator mode, but other people can see you wandering around. This way you can explore and help players that are still alive.

    Thanks for the scenario ideas, we’d love to keep working on new scenarios but it will depend on how the game performs, we’re going to stick with 2 new scenarios and the original one as an unlockable.