Dev Diary: January 17th 2013

We’ve continued work on White Noise Online mostly:

  • Still working on the networking code. The players and the enemy data is now synchronized: Everybody can see each other, walk, pick pages, spot the monster… and the monster correctly walks around, pursuits players, teleports, etc. The two most important things not coded yet are player deaths, and the lost soul mode after a player dies. Anyway, nothing has been tested yet so lots of bugs may appear later.
  • After finishing some landmarks, we’ve started working on a new, bigger scenario layout, with a bigger river and a proper bridge, etc.
  • We’ve continued work on the main characters, modelling is almost finished and we’ll start texturing / animation soon.

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  • bob says:

    Little racers street 2 please! 😉

  • Alberto Moreno "Grihan" says:

    we want some in-progress images!! 🙂

  • Soy1Bonus says:

    We’ll try to post some screenshots tomorrow 😉

  • TheHypestBrony says:

    Hey guys! I got this game not too long ago, when me and a couple of friends were Indie game surfing. We looked at it, and all thought it would be fun. We got into the start screen (which actually made me jump lol) and started looking for a multiplayer feature. Disappointed that there wasn’t any, we started playing separately. (Each on his own Xbox). My friends chickened out as soon as the game started, but I persisted on, got one tape recorder, died after having the crap scared out of me by the monster, and then the game crashed. (which actually added a really creepy effect). All in all, this game is amazing. And me and my friends were completely psyched when we heard that you guys were adding multiplayer! Like, THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME! Obviously, the best Indie game maker award goes to you guys. I’m actually uploading a video of me playing (at one part there is a glitch where the monster never appeared) and getting completely scared out of my mind! I cant wait to record my friends and i playing this AMAZING game! Question, does the monster actually, CHASE you? Like, run at you? Or does it just teleport, like in Slender? At one point in my video, I’m walking next to a wall, and then the monster just apparently pops up next to me without warning, and i die. 🙁 So I’m guessing he does? Pleas reply! Cheers!

  • WaaghMan says:

    Thanks for the details, glad you enjoyed the game :).

    The freeze (I suppose yours was a freeze) issue is really a PITA, we’ve been trying to locate and fix it for years now (it’s been present on many other games).

    Yes, the monster has a chance to chase you if it detects you or you spot him, it doesn’t just teleport.

  • Raven says:

    Pls want it 😀

  • Trevor says:

    u guys should have a mp option to smawn together or sepretly (not sure if spelled rite) also u should have it to where the monster can get scared off if u flick the flashlight in his face but if u do it to much he will get provoked and chase u mor intesly and even go into a stage to where when u look him that flash will happen multiple time with him teleporting closer each time. Also i dont know why im telling u this scary crap cuz i wuss out cuz this game is so scary maybe mp with my friend will either calm me down or make me sit in a puddle of my own piss

  • rob says:

    Maybe for a game mode out the players in a town and they have to find parts to repair their car So they can escape the monster. Also please increase sprint speed instead of a snail like jog