New looks for the website – and Big News!

As you can see, we’ve updated the website with a new template, designed to give faster access to the most important sections in the website, and to give a nicer first look. We hope you like it.

And now the big news! Thanks mainly to the incredible success of Avatar Ninja!, which is near to reaching the 70,000 sales mark, we’ve been able to leave our full time jobs and start to dedicate 100% to Milkstone Studios, developing quality games on Xbox Live Indie Games! We’ve even rented a nice little office to work in, we’ll post some photos so you can see what we use to do the magic!

The results of that extra time dedicated to the games should result in many benefits for you, such as:

  • Faster development of games – We’re aiming to release a game every4-5 weeks.
  • Bigger and prettier games
  • More feedback during development – We’ll post work in progress concept art, screenshots and videos to let you know what we’re working on!
  • More community feedback – We’ll be more active in our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and do promotions and contests more often. We’ll also update this website more often.
  • Better underlying technology in our games – We’ve been improving the core engine during the last month, which should help us make games even faster and better performing!
  • (Probably) Ports of our best games to other platforms, or at least a free demo.
  • More Peer Reviews for XNA developers – Now that we have more time available, we’ll try to perform at least 2 weekly Peer reviews on the XNA site. If you’re interested in having your game playtested or reviewed, just tell us!

We are really excited with this new stage in the Milkstone Studios history, but we’re also a bit scared. Be assured we’ll do our best to release lots of high quality games during the next years! As usual, we’re open to suggestions, so please tell us if there’s something you want to discuss.

We’ve already started development of our next game (Not an Avatar-themed game this time!), we’ll post some pictures or videos as soon as we have something worth looking at.

Thanks for your encouragement during the last two years, we’ve been able to make our dreams reality 🙂

The Milkstone Studios Team.

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WaaghMan January 24th, 2011 News 5 Comments

Milkstone Studios featured on”Around The World in 80 Games”

We’ve been featured on the “Around The World in 80 Games” spotlight, where the XNA team interviews developers from different countries.

Check it out at the original article

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WaaghMan April 7th, 2010 News Comments Off on Milkstone Studios featured on”Around The World in 80 Games”