Ziggurat on Gamelab 2014: Chronicles of our first public demo

Past week we got to Gamelab 2014 on Barcelona and showcased a playable demo of Ziggurat on a booth for 3 days straight.

During those three days, over 100 people tried the game, and most of them were both suprised and pleased by how the game looked and played. We intended to do a Twitch stream of the entire event, but the WiFi wasn’t fast enough so it wasn’t possible.

This demo also helped us gather plenty of data on game difficulty and balance on specific enemies and weapons, as well as some important feedback on what gameplay elements and goals needed more work. Some stats of the data we have collected:

  • Over 130 plays were logged, with almost 7,000 enemies spawned
  • Around 56,000 shots were made, with a 70% overall accuracy
  • The incendiary bomb was the most effective weapon, causing a total of 7,500 points of damage
  • Cockatrices, one of the basic enemies, were 4 times more dangerous than expected, killing a total of 34 players.

We didn’t take as many pictures as we’d wanted, we had our hands full with all the people testing the game :), but here are a few of them:


IMG_20140625_151036 IMG-20140625-WA0000 (1)


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