White Noise Tactics announced!

Screenshot of our most requested game!


We’ve received lots of emails from users asking to add more depth and strategy to White Noise, so we’ve decided to start work on a new game called White Noise Tactics.

In WNT, your goal is to find 8 tape recorders while killing harmless monsters with firearms you pick along the way: Handguns, shotguns, etc.

Sure, you won’t feel even a bit of horror, but think of how frightened the monsters will be!

PS: Yeah, April’s fools, obviously! But there’s a little of truth in all this, stay tuned ;).

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  • Raven says:

    At first I believed it xD

  • GameTopicTV says:

    i was getting hopes up a little just looking forward to a new game by Milkstone

  • Daniel says:

    Haha, Good one guys 🙂 I think you should focus a lot of attention into White Noise Online, It’s having the same effect Slender had on the PC community, Personally you should do an Indoors level like a Hotel or Asylum? I like turning a corner and being scared to death, That’s my issue with other maps, Too much open space, I wanna feel claustrophobic, Just a thought 😀 P.S Love the new Avatar Farm Online Update 😀

  • Coulter says:

    Just bought WNO …… love it. showing to all my friends plz more updates/characters. also love close quaters idea

  • Zodiac5517 says:

    White Noise Tacitcs, it’s hard enough trying to keep the white noise a tale of horror page up on wikipedia 🙁 . Now this game here, might impress 50% but the other 50% might not like it also i forgot happy april fools day you deserve it 🙂

  • Coulter says:

    Another thing i wanted to say was when do you guys plan to release another update for wwhite noise online!! I love the game. And more anything to this game will make it even the smallest bit better. This game WILL be a hit on the XBLA.