White Noise 1.2 update released!

White Noise 1.2 update has been released! You will be asked to download the updated version next time you start the game.

It features the following changes:

  • Tried to fix freeze issues when Lost souls setting is enabled
  • Added unlockable Hard mode
    • In Hard mode, only 3 tapes will be placed at the same time, and new ones will appear each time you pick one, so you’ll have to visit again already checked landmarks.
    • The monster will be a bit more insistent in its pursuit too.
  • Added unlockable Lithium batteries (Unlimited flashlight power)
  • Added unlockable Smiley mode

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  • Christian P. says:

    I’ve unlocked all the special mode things and the smiley face on the flashlight is really funny and I got it all in one day love the new update thanks guys. BTW y’alls other games are really good like little street racers.