Dev diary: January 2nd 2013

Happy new year! Now the new website is up and running, we’re starting a new development diary so you can know what are we working on.

I can’t guarantee updates on a daily basis, but we’ll try to keep a steady rate.

So, what have we been doing lately? After a week vacation, we’ve gathered many reports and feedback from users for both White Noise and Avatar Farm Online, and we’re working on updates for both games.

Today we’ve been working on Avatar Farm Online, with the following changes:

  • New animals (texture and stats variations mainly).
  • Users with pending friend requests are no longer granted friend permissions.
  • New feature: Move items.
    • Now you can move buildings, animals and trees (you can’t move plants or plowed land, it just didn’t seem right). The way to do this will be by pressing X. To sell items, you will have now to press LT+X. We’ll add this to the How To Play section, but it may end in some confusion for the users, let’s hope we make it clear enough.
    • When moving items, you’ll be in Move mode, you will have the preview of where to move, and can cancel anytime. We’ve had to check the system works in online (the move mode cancels if anyone sells or moves the same item before you do), as well as add new icons, new descriptions, etc.
  • New plant: Mushrooms (high level plant with 20 minutes grow time).
  • Fixed a minor issue with the preview of animal trucks.

There’s still a lot of things we want to add to this update, specially the pet feature (cute animals that follow the player around), and they won’t be finished until next week. Meanwhile, we have lots of pending bugfixes.

Ok, that’s it for now, and please let us know what do you think of this initiative :).

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  • Michele A. Michaud says:

    Thank you so much for solving some of our issues and we all look forward to having pets to play with too! There are me and eight friends that play this every day and we are age 43-54 except for one that is 23. A suggestion would be to allow avatars to roam through the castle and hay fort and sit on the benches. Would love to be able to actually have the arcade machines work too. Pet suggestions include Rottweilers, Chihuahuas, Horses, Miniature Pinchers,Dachshunds, Parrots. Would love for the the animals to be more animated or move around also(cows, horses,rabbits.chickens etc….)