Avatar Farm Online update 1.1 available now!

The 1st update for Avatar Farm Online has finally been approved and should be available for download within the next few hours.

It features the following changes:

  • New items and features
    • Now you can change online permissions from the pause menu.
    • 4 new unlockable arcade machines for other Milkstone Studios Games
    • 3 new fence pieces
    • White fence set
    • New tree: Cocoa Tree
    • Slot machines that you can play with, with some cash prizes.
    • Animal bush decoration items (for really high level farms).
  • Gameplay changes:
    • Greenhouse and Bakery require now 20 items and give only 1 cash.
    • Beehive gives now 2 cash every 24 hours
    • Horn of plenty gives now 25 coins every 2 minutes.
    • Reduced Daisy sell price to 800
    • Reduced Rice sell price to 1900, and Plant XP to 4
    • Reduced Tulip sell price to 1600
    • Reduced Sunflower sell price to 2200
    • Reduced Horse harvest earnings to 35.000
  • Bugfixes and minor improvements:
    • All HUD is hidden now on the World camera (it’s prettier this way)
    • Reduced volume of online player work sounds to 50%.
    • Removed the “Joined the farm” messages just when entering a farm.
    • Players are asked if they want to set build permissions when creating a farm.
    • Fixed Code 4 crash when loading a game on certain conditions.
    • Fixed tractor tool being able to plow over withered plants, losing their value.
    • Fixed tools consuming fuel when working on just 1 tile.
    • Fixed animals being able to be fed with just Harvest permissions
    • Fixed player level up sound volume being way too high on some conditions.
    • Tried to remove the 1 second freeze when a player joins the game.
    • Fixed minor scrollbar issue

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  • Sam says:

    Great work so far guys, I don’t usually play Indie games, but this is brilliant. Can I suggest adding achievements or something?

    No idea why this isn’t on the official arcade, but it needs to be!

  • KillinCupboards says:

    YES! Arcade machines, sounds fun. I might have to start playing again xD

  • ZyxLamonde says:

    Cool update! The animal bushes give my farm a classy look 🙂 , and the new fence color is also a point, but please in the next update include : a fence door and a small 1×1 pond or mud pool, and an decorative animal feeder.

  • WaaghMan says:

    We have plans on adding new machines to allow faster animal feeding, that should do the trick for your last request.

    We have also plans on adding some kind of fishing mechanic, so that should fix your pond needs too :).

    We’ll think about the fence door thing.

  • burnupthhighway says:

    I hate the green house now if your going to increase it to twenty fine but id like 2 farm cash & the tulips like before 1000 to plant & get 2000 for selling. I hate that the fruit stand is the only one that gives 2 farm cash. It to me takes way to long now to build up farm cash. Maybe im wrong but this is my 2 cents worth

  • WaaghMan says:

    Yeah, maybe you’re right and the greenhouse should give 2 cash. Anyway, if you’re short on cash, you can always play on the slot machines for a while.

  • burnupthhighway says:

    I wish the greenhouse would give 2 cash cause I always planted flowers to get farm cash. Any way of fixing it like that. thanks

  • burnupthhighway says:

    I was just wondering I have purchased avatar farm online & have 2 profiles on my 360 recently I had to get a new 360 & my 1 profile I can play just fine but the other says I have to purchase the game how do I fix this?

  • WaaghMan says:

    Hi burnupthhighway, I’m not sure if you’re the one I answered via email, but there’s 2 ways to fix this:

    * If you have two gamepads, just sign in with the profile owning the game on a gamepad, and launch the game with that gamepad. Once the game starts, the game should be fully unlocked and you can use any profile you want.

    * If you have only one gamepad, I think you can start the game with the profile owning the game, and once it has started, change the profile to the other one by using the guide button.

    It’s a technical limitation of Xbox Indie games, so we can’t do much about it.

  • xXURB4NTURB4NXx says:

    If you just bought a new 360 then you need to do Content transfer so all your Licenses get transfered to your new 360 then Any account that plays on that Xbox can play your games.