Avatar Farm Online released!

Avatar Farm Online, the first 100% colaborative Farming Simulator on Xbox, is available now!

Probably one of the biggest games in the Xbox Indies Marketplace, Avatar Farm Online brings true collaborative gameplay to the farming genre!
This game is the result of applying the feedback for the original game, with more than 75.000 users, adding most requested features and more, resulting in the perfect farming simulator!
The most important features of this game are:

  • Place Plants, Trees, Buildings, Tools and Decoration and improve your farm!
  • Time advances even if you’re not playing (can be disabled): Plant your crops, go play another games, and come back later when they’re ready to be harvested!
  • Earn experience points and unlock new items for your farm!
  • You can visit other people’s farm and help them, up to 16 players can cooperate to get the perfect farm!
  • Increase your farm size, up to 4 times the surface available on the original game!
  • Purchase Animals and feed them!
  • Totally remade graphics, with better visuals!
  • Reworked UI, way easier to understand and play!
  • Improved shop, with a better layout and detailed information on the items.
  • Unlockable themed decoration items of other Milkstone Studios games!
  • Doubled the amount of great musical themes!
  • You can import your existing Avatar Farm data, so you won’t need to start from scratch (although recommended).
  • And many, many more little improvements that will make the player experience even better and more relaxing!

All this, for just $1 for a limited time! Download the game now on the Xbox marketplace: http://marketplace.xbox.com/games/media/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80258550c37

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  • ZyxLamonde says:

    I can only say one thing… YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS !!!!
    🙂 Avatar Farm Kicks Ass and the new one is even BIGGER and better. Thank you Milkstone studio crew to put so much love and passion in your Games and what is even more important, to listen to peoples opinions of what they want in a game and improve them to look and play even better.
    Thank you! and keep the Farm Growing…

    • WaaghMan says:

      Thanks! We’re going to add even more content (some post Lvl 20 content, probably) if the game has enough success.

      • Dremico Evans says:

        Where is the code for avatar farm 1? I want to import, but I cant.

        • WaaghMan says:

          If everything went all right, Avatar Farm 1 should have an update with an option on the main menu to export your farm, that gives you a code.

          Use this code on the “Import farm from Avatar Farm 1” option in “My Farms”.

          I’ll check it out, maybe the AF1 update has been stalled and isn’t available yet :\

  • JohnPaulROth says:

    Hey, so I’m a little confused about the animals. I bought some ducks, do I have to feed them six times before I get the money from them?

    • WaaghMan says:

      Yes, that’s how animals are dealt with: You feed them N times and then you can get the money (of course, it’s more money than you had to pay to feed them).

  • ZyxLamonde says:

    Fatal Error messages shows up very often, it happens when someone try to visit your farm or you try enter one. Please check it.