Warning: Save game corruption issue with latest version of Avatar Farm

We’ve been reported an issue that might happen when you sell a building, decoration or tool with a size greater than 1 cell: Wrong cells are sold, and the data remains corrupted after that.

We’re working right now to pinpoint and fix the issue, but the patch might take some time until it’s approved. Meanwhile, all we can tell you is to avoid selling any building.

We guarantee that we will be able to recover the corrupted data, so just be patient and don’t delete your data.

Our apologies.


UPDATE: The issue has been fixed, we’ll submit the update this Thursday (we aren’t allowed to do it before that date). It can take a while until it’s approved, so please be patient.

UPDATE 2: The update has been submitted for approval.


  • Faith says:

    Just wondered if you have any idea how long it will take for the update to be approved?
    Love the game and am really missing it.

  • WaaghMan says:

    The update has been approved today, you should be notified if you try to start the game again :).