Avatar Farm patch 1.5 available now!

The 1.5 update for Avatar Farm got approved last week, but we we’ve been too busy to post it until now.

This update features the following changes:

  • Updated to the latest engine version, which should bring more performance and stability to the game.
  • Now you can run if you press the right trigger
  • When you can’t perform an action (such as trying to plant something too expensive), the reason is shown on screen.
  • The simulation speed when the game is not running can be reduced, or even disabled, on the settings.
  • Improved savegame autobackup system (2 backups are stored instead of 1).
  • The item currently being planted/placed is shown on the top left corner.

This should get rid, or at least dramatically reduce, the freeze issues many people were experiencing. Note: The engine update has a minor side effect: Due to a change in the game data saving system, Game settings and highscores saved on previous versions are ignored (No effect on actual saved games, don’t panic!). This means you will have to set again Music/Sound volume settings, etc. As for the highscores, they will be reshared once you start playing, so there should be no problem at all.

We have some more ideas for the next update, if the game keeps selling at a steady pace. Until then, have fun!

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