Little Racers STREET 1.2 available now!

After a long delay, Little Racers STREET 1.2 has been approved and is available for download. It features the following changes and additions:
  • New feature: Time trial. Now you can practice an event and go for a lap record anytime you like.
  • 2 New Camera modes: Rotating (A bit like cenital, but it always looks in the direction you are going) and Chase (A more typical racing game camera. This is more for show and fun than it is useful though!)
  • Fixed “Show Gamercard” not working on the multiplayer lobby
  • Fixed some multiplayer related crashes.
  • Player count HUD is properly updated when a player leaves
  • Selecting players in lobby works properly after joining a game in progress.
  • Now you can’t go back while finding games until the process is finished (could cause some stability issues). A message is shown in this case. We are aware this process can take some time (around 45 seconds), but we can’t do much about that.
  • Added a time limit of 10 seconds for each race results screen when in multiplayer.
  • Now games can be hosted/joined even for performance classes you don’t own yet: A stock car can be selected in this case.
  • Added 12 new tracks (approx. 45 new events), some of them with crosses for increased fun :).
  • New feature: Multiplayer games will be filled with AI cars if there aren’t enough players (Quick race has a default value of 6). With this, races will start even with just 1 player (he can race against AIs while he waits for people to join).
  • Custom multiplayer games (the ones created via the “Host game” menu) now require the host to press Start before the first race (this way, he can wait for friends to join before starting).
  • The HUD hides when you complete the race.
  • Fixed a crash when a host migration was performed on the lobby screen after a race.
  • Reworked the background tasks system (Hopefully fixing the P2P sharing freeze issue, and hopefully not creating new issues in the process :S ).
  • Gameplay should be smoother during P2P score shares.
  • Fixed a crash when kicking a player under some circumstances.

You’ll be prompted to download the game the next time you launch it.

Note: Multiplayer mode is not compatible between 1.1 and 1.2 : Games of different versions won’t appear when searching. You could be able to join 1.1 games via invites or guide, but it’s not going to work. Please update as soon as possible.

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  • HomiSite says:

    Thanks for the big update! After some quick races, I like the changes I encountered. And the game seems indeed run smoother.

    1) But a friend of mine played 1.2 a few hours earlier and told me of some hefty bugs (graphic glitches, warp from place 6 to 1, beeing place 1 ond 10 at the same time [?]). But after playing together now, no such things appear – except his game crashed with a Xbox Dashboard message of an “unexpected end” (don’t know the official english term) and “Code 4”.

    2) The new crossroads are love and hatred :-D. Although you usually have to drive straight ahead, the direction arrows on all roads at a crossing can be irritating. It would be cool if they appear more dynamic, but I guess it’s would be not an easy change.

    3) I had it today that I was IMO in front of a opponent but he won. I was driving one of the smallest/shortest cars in the game, maybe that could be the cause?

    4) More hypothetical: In the upper classes, upgrades are quite expensive. It may be not beneficial for playing/testing with different tuning setups when each change costs a lot of money.

    I hope LRS will continue to sell good, so we can see more updates :-).

  • WaaghMan says:

    1) We’ve received a message for an user (maybe he was your friend?) reporting a Code 4. I asked him for more details that would help a lot to pinpoint the issue (did it appear while racing? while in the lobby? Outside the multiplayer menu?), so I’d be happy if you can give more details as well.

    I’ve found a freeze issue when trying to find games just after exiting a game lobby (via the Back button), but it doesn’t seem to be related.

    2) The arrows are shown via a rather dirty trick, and it’s not easy to detect crosses to just show an special arrow. Since most crosses are on a yellow coloured section, where the arrow is hardly seen anyway, we didn’t touch anything. Mistakes are part of the fun! 🙂

    3) Cars can have different lengths, so it could be that, but more probably it was due to lag. Final positions are based on the data each client reports, so even if you see a car arriving slightly before than yours, you may win anyway (and the other way around).

    This can be seen as well on the starting line, where some cars start before than others. This is due to the same issue.

    4) Maybe you are right. Downgrading returns most of your money though (I think it’s about 85%).

  • NMErickson says:

    Great update, I was able to play for a long time today (which was impossible for me pre-patch due to lag and crashes). This version seems much more stable and smooth. Great job and thank you.

    Only one encounter with lag–It wasn’t until I did a 12-car race in career. more specifically event c-5. Had to try another race with less cars. It’s understandable since thats a lot of cars out there and action happening, but I can’t complain, it is actually letting me play other races which I could barely do before.

  • NMErickson says:

    Very cool, I tried the race again after some time and no lag! Something must have triggered the lag the first time round. It’s not consistent and that is awesome.

  • NMErickson says:

    Sorry for the triple post, last one I swear. No edit option:(

    As HomiSite said, upgrades for high level cars are expensive and the downgrades are not giving back 85%, it is actually right around 50%.

    Tuning a B-Car from stock to Lvl. 1 (Upgrade$->Downgrade$)
    Power: 33,000->16,600
    Turn: 20,750->10,375
    Grip: 12,450->6,225

    Applying lvl. 2 upgrades was the same, right around 50%

  • HomiSite says:

    1) My friend doesn’t know more details with his Code 4. I had it today and I think it’s related to the mentioned bug when you leave the MP mode and enter it again. On one time the game froze for a good number of seconds. On the other time, the game seems to locked down. My friend sent me an invite, I accepted via Dashboard (out of curiosity 🙂 and then the Code 4 appears.

    2) Could it be that the AI cars hit the net performance quite hard from time to time? As if the host hasn’t enough connection performance to compute all AIs and the player car. The AIs are often more or less driving obstacles (driving very slow), while other player cars tends to “boost/stop/boost/…” along the track (and other stuff). Can you look into that? Maybe reduce the default number of AI cars or test somehow the host’s connection and limit the AI drivers.

    3) I understand that the tuning has to be a money sink, but 50% regain on a downgrade seems quite low. Although you probably have 2+ millions when reaches B or A class (where 100.000+ upgrades exist).

    4) Idea for hosting a game: Options for the start order (randon as now, reverse order of last race’s placing, reverse order of lobby ranking).

    PS: Congrats for over 6000 purchases of LRS!