Little Racers STREET 1.2 submitted for approval

Little Racers STREET 1.2 update has been submitted for approval. It features the following changes:
  • New feature: Time trial. Now you can practice an event and go for a lap record anytime you like.
  • Fixed “Show Gamercard” not working on the multiplayer lobby
  • Fixed some multiplayer crashes.
  • Player count HUD is properly updated when a player leaves
  • Selecting players in lobby works properly after joining a game in progress.
  • Now you can’t go back while finding games until the process is finished (could cause some stability issues). A message is shown in this case.
  • Added a time limit of 10 seconds for each race results screen when in multiplayer.
  • Now games can be hosted/joined even for performance classes you don’t own yet: A stock car can be selected in this case.
  • Added 12 new tracks (approx. 45 new events), some of them with crosses for increased fun :).
  • New feature: Multiplayer games will be filled with AI cars if there aren’t enough players (Quick race has a default value of 6). With this, races will start even with just 1 player (he can race against AIs while he waits for people to join).
  • Custom multiplayer games (the ones created via the “Host game” menu) now require the host to press Start before the first race (this way, he can wait for friends to join before starting).

The update should be approved and available for download someday next week.

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  • kasasensei says:

    Hello Milkstone!

    So, we got some fixes, new events, improvements and even a new game mode…
    This game becomes better and better with each update.

    You need to stop bringing new stuff, I am ashamed for having bought this gem only 1 euro… :p

    Thanks for your serious! This kind of attitude is so rare and precious those days.

  • Sputnik says:

    Hey! Just stopped by to tell you how awesome your game is 🙂 I recommended it to my friends and they all agree with me. As good as the game is, I want to ask for a couple of added features that would make it almost perfect:
    1. Has the new time trial ghost cars? It would be great
    2. A track creator
    3. Local multiplayer (split screen) would be fantastic!

    I almost feel ashamed for asking new features for an 80msp game… keep the updates rolling!

  • WaaghMan says:

    The time trial won’t have ghost cars in a first version, but could come in another update in the future.

    Forget about the track creator and local multiplayer though, it’s not going to happen :(.

  • zonatar says:

    Hi, i love this game but i have a request.

    – con you add a message under the car when the nitro is ready? not only whene is full, but a message for avery level of nitro.

    Thanks, keep going! great game!

  • WaaghMan says:

    Sorry, but I think this would be more annoying than useful. Anyway, you should really leave the nitro bar refill to almost 100% before activating it, it’s more effective this way.

  • FaulkedUp says:

    Hey Milkstone Studios!

    Little Racers Street is an amazing game! Just picked it up via XBLIG and absolutely adore it. My friend and I are constantly trying to top each other trying to earn more money, and it’s close. I can’t wait for the updates, and from what 1.2 has it in, it sounds promising. For 80 MSP, the game is overall just fantastic. Little to no glitches, no lag, overall just nicely done 🙂 Thanks for putting time into your game as I hate when developers don’t update their game(s) even once! 🙁

  • HomiSite says:

    Quick new feedback :-).

    1. AI drivers for MP are nice, but can you deactivate them when hosting a game?

    2. v1.1: You already may know this, but the player ranking has some hiccups at the race finish: The round counter should stop (not “6/5”), the ranking doesn’t show your real ranking (don’t know what it’s showing) and on very rare occasions (“photo finish”) the wrong player wins.

    3. Maybe show the gamertags of players or at least your friends earlier on cars (I know that could be quite irritating in a “car mob)?

    PS: I checked out the lower E cars today – you can tune these one in quite an interesting way. Will check them out soon.

    PPS according Garage/tuning: Can you buy the same car more than once (so you can have different tunings always ready without spending always money on up-/downgrades)? And how many cars can your garage have?

  • HomiSite says:


    And what drives me insane sometimes 🙂 is that the red road blocks in some locations doesn’t fully fit with the course of the road => an evil and quite invisible edge will stop my car immediately.

  • WaaghMan says:

    1. Yes, you will be able to deactivate AI cars when hosting a game.
    2. Fixed on 1.2
    3. It’s already being done on 1.1 ¿? Gamertags are shown on MP when the car is at a minimum distance of yours (to avoid the car mobs)

    4. You can have as many cars as you want, and repeat the same model if you desire so.

  • WaaghMan says:

    Physics engine limitation, the invisible walls are in most cases perfectly placed along the road, but cars can still get stuck on them :S

  • NMErickson says:

    Hi. First off, I love the game and kudos for making it bigger and badder than LR 1 (which I loved). A big thanks for supporting it with updates and fixes.

    Now for my problem. Ever since 1.1, this game is hardly playable for me. I load up a race (even single player career mode) and because of lag it won’t even start. Then it may freeze. Iam able to race about 1 in 10 matches. Offline or online. Also noticed the error code 7 (I think) notification is back from LR 1. It came up after a multiplayer race and forced me to reboot the console.

    Iam sure you are aware of the bugs and I will be eagerly awaiting v 1.2 to see if theres fixes so I may play LR Street to my heart’s content. Thanks for the wonderful game Milkstone!

  • WaaghMan says:

    Hi NMErickson. AFAIK, Code 7 errors are not a game issue: They are related to an unstable LIVE connection, I think.

    As for your sentence “I load up a race and because of lag it won’t even start”, I would love if you could explain a little further.

    As you probably know, we have issues related to P2P score sharing that may cause freezes, but these can only happen during single player (P2P is not performed while playing online), so I’m surprised you experience these during online as well.

  • Rdeal says:

    When i am playing single player the game sometimes lags really bad is this normal?

  • WaaghMan says:

    This bug should be addressed in the 1.2 update, which will be relased in the next few days.