Little Racers STREET 1.1 update submitted for approval (Now with online!)

We’ve just submitted the first Little Racers STREET update for approval. It features the following changes:

  • New feature: Online multiplayer (over Xbox LIVE and System Link)
    • Play over internet with your career mode cars.
    • Earn money on these races.
    • Includes quick join, party invites, host migration, etc. All to ensure the game keeps going on, no matter what happens!
  • New section: Lap Records (shared online)
  • Your car is highlighted in crowded situations (this can be disabled in settings).
  • Reduced difficulty for Medium level.
  • Increased number of AI players in Career mode to 300 (only applies if you delete the career mode).
  • Reduced car braking power.
  • Changed the way reverse works now (you don’t have to release and press the brake to use reverse).
  • Improved race selection screen: Added an event title and times you raced / won the event. Also it should be properly shown on SD TVs.
  • Fixed minor issue that caused to incorrectly show your place in the mountain part.

The update should be approved and available for download someday next week. See you in the online races! 😉

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  • kasasensei says:

    Hello Milkstone!
    You guys rock, seriously… That’s an awesome update. Everything corrected in a week. wow… I’m really impressed.
    Thanks a billion times!

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