Avatar Farm 1.2 on Peer Review!

We’ve put the Avatar Farm 1.2 update on peer review, here are the changes and improvements.

  • (Maybe for sure this time)Fixed P2P Freeze during score sharing.
  • Added the concept of tools (tractor, seeder…) that improve farming speed.
  • Added 5 new plants: Tomato, Potato, Corn, Sunflower, Rice
  • Added 2 new decoration elements: Scarecrow, Clothes line
  • Fixed USA Flag not visible
  • Fixed flags not visible from one side
  • Added animations to all flags.
  • Increased level cap to 20.
  • Now you are asked to sign in with an account before playing
  • Added freeze and crash detection system to improve further bugfixing.
  • Added a progress indicator to the season text.
  • Improved scenery around the farm

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  • James says:

    Hi i dont know if this has been posted before but on avatar farm it only seems to crash around the same time it auto saves so i dont know if p2p and autosave clash because my game never autosaves when p2p is on but will when its off.

    sorry its been a repost…….

    Hope it helps.

  • WaaghMan says:

    Hi James, we can’t tell for sure, but it seems it’s unrelated. Freezes can happen even if you don’t start the game and stay on the main menu doing nothing. Autosaves are done once every 5 minutes, we could measure it to ensure they’re not related, but I don’t think so…

  • James says:

    Ah it never froze on my menu screen but it was just my theory lol. Its still a great game tho.

    (only been playing 4 days now)

  • Amos Hoe says:

    Good reason. I really like to read it IMDB