Wool is out!

wool-iconWool has been finally approved into the Xbox LIVE Indie Marketplace, so you can download it right now for just 80 MSP (that’s 1$). As usual, there’s a free demo that you can try, and we’re open to all kinds of suggestions to improve the game, so please send an email if you have anything you want to tell us.

And don’t forget to rate the game if you like it!

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  • Jigsaw hc says:

    Cool. I’m downloading it now.

  • Aaron says:

    Make your own lvls piz? that would be nice!

  • Soy1Bonus says:

    Right now we can’t make an integrated level editor. It’s just too much work for such a cheap game 😛

    But we have been thinking about this and probably we’ll release some assets or some-other-things so that you can send us designs for new levels, just like in Little Racers are tracks designed by users.

  • rac|Ger says:

    Just bought it and played some levels in CO-OP Mode with my brother. Hilarious game. Keep up the excellent work.
    Greetings from Germany!

  • ditman says:

    Great game, really polished… I love the art style, and the music is really good!

    IMHO it is too cheap, I hope this one sells even better than LR 🙂

    Make Babe as an unlockable character!!!

  • PC1975 says:

    Congrats on another top quality indie release. I would love to play online multiplayer. I think co-op would work brilliantly by using the headsets to communicate.

  • PC1975 says:

    i was thinking that it might be a good idea if you had a power bar showing your dog’s fatigue level that drains when you run. This would be a helpful visual aid and could help people to choose when to make their dog run.

  • WaaghMan says:

    Thanks for the feedback. We decided to keep the UI simple and we thought a stamina bar was going to eat too much space (remember there can be up to 4 dogs at the same time), so the way to know if your dog is tired (apart from knowing if you have sprinted recently) is to look if he’s sweating or not. If he’s sweating, he’s too tired to sprint again.