Little Racers sales numbers: April 2009

After almost one month in the virtual shelves, we’re posting here our sales and downloads data:

First, we’d like to note some interesting related facts: Little Racers development started in the late December, so it took around 3 months of development before final release. Although the quality level could be higher in some points, we’re proud of what the game shows (except for bugs).

Also, due to the amount of music in the game, the game size is greater than 50Mbytes and that means that you can’t choose 200 MP as the game price. Even with that handicap, Little Racers has managed to be on the Community Games Top 10 on every week.

Our estimations / objectives for the game were around 1000€ for each month of development, that is, 3000€ net benefits (around $3500).

Now here are the current numbers (as of 04/23/2009):

  • Little Racers trial downloads: 37182
  • Little Racers full purchases: 1575
  • Conversion rate: 4.23%
  • Gross earnings (400MP = $5.00): $7875 ( 5946€ )
  • Microsoft 30% share: $2362.5
  • Our share: $5512.5 ( 4162€ )

We still don’t know the tax rate of our share, so we can’t tell for sure what the net amount is, but it seems like our goal has been met.

The following chart shows the download / purchases amount accross time:

Little Racers sales numbers for April 2009

Also shown in logarithmic view, so the relation between downloads and sales is shown more clearly:Little Racers sales numbers for April 2009 (Logharitmic view)

Although the sales numbers have reached its minimum these days, we’re still working on the online mode and other improvements proposed by users. After that, we’ll focus on our next game.

We’d like to thank everyone who tried the demo and, of course, those who bought the game.


  • Yayo says:

    wa! congrats…


  • WaaghMan says:

    Stupid mistake, thanks for finding it. Fixed.

  • XBL: Armadillo Punk says:

    I can’t wait for live multiplayer update. I got a couple of friends that will buy the game to play online with me.

  • Very clean game chaps! Good enjoyable fun…

    I do love the racing games…

  • Martin says:


  • giant_frying_pan says:

    Ah, I didn’t know about the pricing limitation in relation to the file size. If the game was 200 points, I certainly would have bought it by now. However, once you release the online update, I’ll certainly buy it for 400.

  • Martin Caine says:

    Well done, those are pretty nice sales figures. I knew the first quality racing game on XBLCG would do well. We are well into development with our own 3D racing game to be released later this year and hope we do as well as your game has!