Pharaonic coming to Steam Early Access on January 28th

 Coming soon to Steam, check out the steam website for more info:

Pharaonic Capsule
  • Pharaonic will be available on Steam Early Access from January 28th, at a price of $13 / 13€ with a 10% discount during the first week.
  • Although it’s not finished yet, it features approximately the first 60% of the content, with a quality considered final, and ready for community feedback.
  • Pharaonic is a game that takes the excellent Dark Souls combat mechanics and adapts them to a sidescrolling 3D environment.
  • Exploration and interaction with other characters is key. Lots of rewards and new equipment to obtain.
  • Pharaonic is a game by Milkstone Studios, the creators of the highly succesful Ziggurat, the FPS dungeon crawler.

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