Midnight Bite available today!

IconoChibiDracula144Midnight Bite has been released today on the App Store!

Help the little vampire quench his thirst!

Little Draku’s parents have gone on vacation, and they forgot to stock the pantry! It’s time to go to town in search of fresh blood…
Walk around the varied city locations looking for easy victims, while avoiding the patrolling guards that will try to stop you.

Stay unnoticed, moving from hideout to hideout, and use your vampiric powers to confuse your enemies, but be wary of the dangerous vampire hunters that watch over the city!

Only a cunning vampire will be able to accomplish this duty. Show that you are up to the task!

It’s compatible with iPad 2 or better, or iPhone 4 or better. Should be compatible with iOs 6 and 7.

Get it now from here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/midnight-bite/id713957097?ls=1&mt=8

  • Mataeus says:

    Great to see you guys released this on the Xbox Indies too. Day one purchase for me. I have most of your games on 360, and this is just as well polished and fun as the rest of them.
    I despise Apple unfortunately, I’m an Android man, but if you ever decide to put Johnny Carnage and Sushi Castle out on Android I’d be straight there 🙂