Avatar Tennis v1.1 update released

The latest update for Avatar Tennis has been approved and is available for download!

These changes have been done after player feedback on the game.

  • Gameplay changes:
    • Made medium difficulty easier
  • New features
    • Added AI Difficulty selection for exhibition mode
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed Player select music not looping

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  • dragongamer123 says:

    hello i need help i bought this game i had it for a week when this update came out it wouldn’t let me update it so i manually downloaded it and i start the game and it says unlock full game i pressed a on it. it said i bought it pressed b it still says that any help or is this a bug i re downloaded this twice please replay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dragongamer123 says:

      my xbox live gamertag is:macdaddyell

    • WaaghMan says:

      Hi dragongamer, you’ll have to contact Microsoft support for that. Looks like the game is running in trial mode even when you purchase it, and that’s probably a marketplace issue.

      The Xbox Marketplace and Xbox Live Indie games in general has been performing rather bad in the last weeks. That gives a lot of confidence on the Xbox One Cloud system and MS support for Indies, right? 🙂

      • dragongamer123 says:

        OK today i checked again i got a system update i downloaded it and checked to see if that fixed it and it did so i didn’t have to contact Microsoft support i have a beta dashboard so maybe that’s why i may had problems
        but at least they fixed the problems i had . 🙂

  • dragongamer123 says:

    will there be a version history in this game

  • Tennis Girl says:

    This game has a glitch that needs to be fixed. I played the game and got a few stat points and ranking points for my character. Then I input my code for Avatar Farm Online which I purchased separately to unlock the exclusive hoe item. After that, all my normally unlocked rackets were relocked, and all my stat points were reset to zero!

    However, I still had all my ranking points, so after playing one match, my player level and unlocked rackets were restored. But the stat points were lost forever, which is what really matters. 🙁

    • WaaghMan says:

      Thanks for the report, we’ll look into it. It’s rather strange, unlocking the rackets shouldn’t break career progress.