White Noise Online v1.3 submitted for certification!

A new update with a new indoor map, the Founder’s Hall!

WNO Promo Art  Haunted Museum

It features the following changes and additions:

  • New features
    • New indoor map: Founder’s Hall
    • You can now see the overhead replays of previous games (Extras->Recent plays).
  • Gameplay changes
    • Increased difficulty for “Nightmare” setting
  • Improvements
    • Improved shadow rendering quality

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  • Korey says:

    Awesome! Super excited to play it!!!

  • Zodiac5517 says:

    Improved shadow rendering can you describe me how improved it is for the game? Does the Monster have shadowing or is it for the background.

  • jeremy says:

    cant wait playing the first day the update comes out! fog could be cool to see to or a labyrinth . I dont know throwing random ideas out if there any good. This new map will show a whole new level at to wich this game can work with!

  • waddon1 says:

    when will it be released cant wait!!!

  • WaaghMan says:

    There were many points where the shadows got really ugly, such as for example the guillotine. The new map, having lots of uniform surfaces, suffered heavily from this issue, so we improved the shadow system a bit and now this doesn’t happen so frequently.

  • Zodiac5517 says:

    Well at least the issue was resolved earlier then later ^^