White Noise Online – “black screen” issue

We’ve received some reports of people having trouble when starting an online game, getting a “black screen” and being able to hear the scenario, but the game never starts, while others just stay in the lobby and the game doesn’t start loading.

We’ve found the reason this is happening, it’s a bug related with the gamepad player index. We’re going to fix it on the next update, but it will take some time until it’s available.

Meanwhile, you can avoid the problem by just playing on the 1st gamepad (the one that has the top left corner lit on the guide button).

Our apologies for the issue.


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  • Zodiac5517 says:

    This is interesting so the bug happens via a secondary gamepad so does it interfere with the information or can’t It identify the player’s screen?

  • FCC Flame says:

    I think White Noise Online could take a GREAT approach for more players on it. You guys should add a VERSUS MODE! One man plays as the mysterious monster and 4 other people do the same thing and find all eight tapes! Great idea, huh?