Avatar Farm Online 1.5 update released!

The latest update for Avatar Farm Online, 1.5, has been approved and should be available for download soon. You will be prompted to update next time you start the game.

It features the following changes and additions:

  • New Farm Items
    • White Noise Online exclusive items (monster statue, arcade machine)
    • New wonder (Manor), not as hard to get as the Toy Castle or the Hamburger.
  • New features
    • Now you can like other people’s farms in the pause menu. The number of likes will be shown on the leaderboards and the farm list.
  • Improvements
    • Reduced number of files by 50% approx., the game should take a lot less time to load on some consoles.
    • Improved a bit performance of tree and building shadows
    • Now tractors can’t be refilled until they are at less than 33% capacity. This is done to avoid accidental refills and griefing.
    • Added a new permission level: Plant. This permission level allows to plant crops and plow over gathered land, and spend money in a limited way (feed animals, refill tractors…), but not place trees/buildings/animals. Please recheck your permission settings as they may have changed.
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed incorrect Lemon tree icon
    • Fixed Critical Error crash when creating a farm
    • Some changes to the P2P score sharing system, trying to get rid of the freeze issue (yet again…)
    • Added extra checking that should remove glitched scores from the leaderboards
    • Cleared all leaderboard data (they will regenerate again after some days).

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  • Brandon says:

    Can you incorporate a much faster movement speed, something like a double sprint. I love the game but stop playing it quite often because I am tired of all the slow sprinting and even slower walking.

  • Pete says:

    what is the highest possible level we can achieve now with the farm and how do i get it??… i have been told i need one of everything there is to buy …just want to make sure i wouldnt be wasting a lot of money before i go for it. Also when is the avatar level going to mean something? like the manor but still waiting to see the fishing pond, hope it is soon….

  • WaaghMan says:

    The highest farm level is 100. You don’t need one of everything, you just need to earn XP by performing tasks.

    However, if you want to get a higher rank in the leaderboards, each Wonder you build and upgrade increases your farm level on the charts. Right now the max rank you can achieve is 128.

    As for player level, it’s used right now to unlock new pets.

  • WaaghMan says:

    I don’t think we’ll increase it, otherwise you could leave behind the monster too easily.

  • MountainGamingz says:

    Would there be any possible way to where you can have every item deletable? There are a few things in my farm that I don’t really use like the first set of farm equipment. For the multiplayer part of this, only the creator of the farm is able to delete anything, regardless of the permission settings.

  • Zodiac5517 says:

    Waaghman does got a point there, i think the running speed for your avatar is perfectly okay and besides it wouldn’t be even a challenge to manage crops if your like going 75 miles per hour on a Fairly Small plot of land.