Dev Diary: January 25th 2013

Hi guys, quick update on our current projects:

  • We’ll submit today the update for Avatar Farm Online, mostly a bugfix release and minor gameplay improvements.
  • We’ve decided to postpone the White Noise update because we accidentally introduced a bug that would cause frequent crashes :(.
  • As for White Noise Online:
    • We’ve finished modelling of the 4 playable characters and started work on texturing.
    • We’ve got a fairly complete interface for finding games, the game lobby, etc.
    • We’ve almost finished the first scenario, but still haven’t tested it enough.

Here is a Work in progress screenshot for White Noise Online:

White Noise Online


  • Marcos Lopez says:

    Can’t wait for the White Noise update 🙂 Got 2 people to buy the game just for the co-op.

  • TRey says:

    me to got 2 of my friends trying to get a third

  • Mataeus says:

    You will be sorely disappointed – I believe WNO is a separate release. This was fine for AvFarm because it had been out over a year and the update was significant. But WN has only been out for two minutes and it’s getting outdated already 🙁

  • WaaghMan says:

    Development of the online mode for White Noise needs way more resources than development of the whole White Noise game. As you can see on these dev diaries, we have to model characters, animate them, create 2 bigger scenarios, testing is also more complex…

    That’s the main reason we’re going to release WNO as a separate game.